Thursday, June 2, 2011

Only 10-15 minutes of time?

Makeup doesn't need to take a lot of time to apply. in a couple of minutes (10-15 minutes) you can apply a full makeup face. serious?
Here is what you have to do...
  1. You need a clean face (water would do)
  2. Apply foundation all over your face with your (clean!) fingers.
  3. Using a big fluffy brush apply powder all over your face.
  4. Use a concealer for the under eyes if you have dark circles. let it sink in
  5. In the meantime apply an eyeshadow base (one which does not crease the eyeshadows). Usually this requires a couple of minutes before you apply eyeshadow. So let it dry.
  6. In the meantime using a smaller brush set the concealer by applying powder on top of it. You can use the same powder which you used for the face.
  7. Apply a champagne/light brownish coloured eyeshadow all over the lids with an eyeshadow brush (or your finger!).
  8. Use a darker brown eyeshadow on the outer part of the eye and into the crease blending inwards.
  9. Use a little bit of brown shadow (the same one) on the bottom lash line.
  10. Line your eyes with brown eye liner.
  11. Define your browns using an eye shadow which is the same colour as your eyebrows.
  12. Little blusher on the cheeks.
  13. Lipgloss
and you're done!


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