Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DÉSIRÉE Exclusive Art on Shoes Exhibition - Malta Fashion Week 2016

The Malta Fashion Week has reached its end during the weekend, and I couldn't not write about the exhibitions happening during the same week. One of them was the collection by Desiree.
Apart from being an interior designer Desiree is also an artist. However, it is somewhat of a unique art in the sense that she does personalised shoes. She hand paints designs on shoes. Desiree takes each pair of shoe as a unique pair as she analyses the shape of the shoe, the style and most importantly the personality of the man or woman whom the shoes belong to. It's as if each shoe represents a new canvas. Having said that. all designs are unique and are designed using high quality paints.
Check out some of her work featured during Malta Fashion Week.
(Photos by Goro Photography)


Saturday, May 21, 2016

MFW 2016 Day 7 - Insomnia by Nilara

This year's collection from Nilara was entitled Insomnia. A name which suggested exciting and mysterious things. And this collection was just that. It portrays the realms of imagination and bears the hallmark of Nilay Camilleri's aspiration of a woman's sensuality through her extraordinary vision of the female form. She takes the cutting edge of avant garde fashion onto a whole new level by challenging the conventional and traditional idea of the evening gown.

This collection was d
efinitely not for the faint hearted. Using real leather, delicate French lace and feathery organza, each gown is a masterpiece in its own right, crafted to the highest of specifications while managing to provoke the imagination.

"While the undesirable state of insomnia invokes to mind sleepless nights, this collection does away with fragility and leads to a woman for whom strength is a way of life. With Nilara’s signature attention to detail, the sumptuous forms, the intricate beadwork and the artistry with which each creation is concocted, Insomnia represents what every woman would wear in her wildest dreams. Glamour comes in an array of shapes and forms, but Nilara’s Insomnia collection will remain unprecedented and unparalleled in the collective imagination of those with a discerning eye for avant-garde fashion." Malta Fashion Week and Fashion Awards


MFW 2016 Day 7 - Gagliardi Spring/Summer 16 Collection

The Last day of Malta Fashion Week commenced by the Gagliardi Spring Summer 2016 Collection.
I'll be frank with you. But this is one of the most anticipated shows (you will understand why). Jokes aside.
Gagliardi has a timeless appeal style with a distinctive Mediterranean flair also rich in colours. It is made up of on-trend cuts, seasonal shades and varied textures, with a somewhat of an old-fashioned approach when it comes to quality and craftsmanship and the use of luxurious fabrics. 
This collection is inspired by the Mediterranean summer and it also Maltese culture history with a distinct nautical taste. It is also inspired from the Maltese Baroque architecture through a mixture of blue, white, creams and reds with fabrics such as pure wool, cotton and linen which are reminiscent of the limestone typical of the Maltese islands.

'"The evening-wear range integrates new double breasted and lower front waistcoats, as well as the new notch peak lapel. The classic peak lapel, however, remains a mainstay as does the double breasted cut which features a one button shawl collar jacket. The latter is available in black linen silk for a luxurious, high summer formal look. Inner linings are rich and vibrant, in colours influenced by Mattia Preti’s timeless art pieces."

"Whether at work or play, the Gagliardi man is sure to exude charm and elegance to even the most mundane of his daily experiences this Spring / Summer"

(Photos by Neil Psaila)

Do not forget to check out Gagliardi


MFW 2016 Day 7 - MILICA TRICKOVIC presents Hunter

 Milica Trickovic from Serbia presents The Hunter collection which portrays the desire of a woman to add glamour in her day to day wear.
"A pre-dimensional skirt which is made of shiny translucent lace which adds a distinctive feminine charm. Long and swaying dresses with emphasised forms on the shoulders, wide-legged overalls covered with a swaying cloak as elegant as any evening dress. Forms are sharp with deep cut cleavage and accentuated waists that give a strong touch of sexiness and femininity that is in conflict with the emphasized shoulders and hips" Malta Fashion Week and Fashion Awards

Colours include monochrome colours which are interrupted by olive green and other colours, giving the message that a woman can wear whatever she wants. Milica Trickovic hopes that her creations become a tool that women use, play about and colour their life with - A quest where every woman can be a winner.

Friday, May 20, 2016

MFWA 2016 Day 6 - Lilly Mae and Elena Miro, Basler and Marina Rinaldi

The last show Day 6 featured 3 designer brands Elena Miro, Balser and Marina Rinaldi. Their collections are available at Lilly Mae in Sliema, a shop which I have still yet to visit! Their collection consists of elegant and casual wear which is primarily aimed at fuller figures.

Elena Miro is an Italian brand which focuses on the sophistication which Italians are known for. The collection includes beautiful, colorful but peaceful colours. The colours together with the fabric material give the collection a timeless feel. The 2nd brand was the German brand Basler, which is aimed at a younger generation, encompassing edgy but yet flirty designs, also aimed towards the fuller figure. The last brand was Marina Rinaldi, who is famous for high quality fabrics and opulent fabrics for women with more voluptuous silhouettes.
(Photos by Neil Psaila)