Thursday, January 31, 2019

Uriage Age Protect Review

It has been a while since I have written a blog post. A lot of things have been going on.. A while ago I attended the launch of the new Uriage Age Protect range. Uriage has been a favourite of mine for a while and so I was really looking forward to testing out this new range. 

Having passed the age of 25 (by almost 3 years!) which is the age around which the skin starts ageing, anti-ageing skincare is beginning to slowly make its way into my beauty regime. There are numerous factors which accelerate skin ageing such as smoking, pollution and poor sleeping habits amongst others. Another factor which was quiet new to me was 'blue light' which is produced by LED and digital screens. Increased in exposure to such light can aggravate skin ageing. 

The range is made up of several products which Protect and Correct the skin from skin ageing. Products contain Anti-Blue light Barrier which protects the skin from Blue light and FILMEXEL which protects the skin against pollution. These 2 things form the Anti-Exposome shield. On the other hand Correction is brought about by a mixture of ingredients such as Retinol, 'Dragon's Blood' and Very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid along with powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

I got to try 2 products from the range. I am always on the hunt of trying new eye creams as I tend to get quite dry under eyes and hence fine lines. The Multi-Action Eye Contour prevents and corrects puffiness and dark circles to give a more youthful look to the eyes. I apply this eye cream day and night and I do notice that my undereyes are somewhat smoother and more hydrated. I like to use this eyecream on the eyelids especially before going to sleep. I find that eye makeup goes on better. 

The Multi-Action Fluid is targeted for normal to combination skin and it prevents and correct wrinkles. loss of firmness, brown spots and lacks of radiance. It also mattifies the skin and acts as a very good primer. I use this product in the morning because of its light texture. So far I do not have major skin concerns such as wrinkles. However, I do notice my skin being brighter and more radiant.

Have you tried any Uriage products? 



Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Catrice Cosmetics New Autumn/Winter 2018 product reviews

A while back I attended a launch of some new items for Autumn/Winter 2018 from Catrice. Here I came up with a simple makeup look using a lot of the new products. 

Catrice Goodbye Pores Prime and Fine Primer.

 It has that slippery feel which fills in the pores to give the face a smooth feel. Since it is not mattifying I do find that it leaves a certain shine at the end of the day after foundation is applied. Having said, it is not really a big of an issue. Foundation goes on smoothly and evenly on it, so thumbs up for that! 

The Little Black One Waterproof Volume Mascara

I am all about Waterproof mascaras especially in Summer. I also opt for the Waterproof version for when I want my makeup to last all day and when I have weddings (yes I tend to cry during weddings..). It is a very rich black mascara which once it dries it does not smudge, smear or flake. It lasts all day and it gives the eyelashes lots of volume. Below are photos of without and with mascara.

Eyeshadow STIX in 10 Satinfaction

I am all about Eyeshadow sticks. I use them on their own as one shadow look or as an eyeshadow base. This new one from Catrice is just gorgeous. It is waterproof and does not crease and is quite creamy but dries down completely. I will definitely get more shades! 

Blush Box in 50 Burgundy

This blusher is marketed as being waterproof and sweatproof. I have not really tried it during a swim or after a gym session per se but I do feel it lasts quite a while without fading. Having said that I do find it that I need to swirl my brush a couple of times before I get some pigment on the cheek. However, it is not a bad thing at all as one might find it better to build up the pigment bit by bit. Lastly, it is an entirely matte blush and it doesn't go patchy on the cheeks.

Long lasting Lip Pencil in 130 Prince Cherry

Very pigmented lip pencils. They are quite stiff and not creamy but go on the lips smoothly without the need to tug at the lips. It is quite long lasting and pairs up really well with the Ultimate Matt lipsticks from Catrice.

Ultimate Matt in 20 From Rose with Love

I really really like the scent of these lipsticks. It's quite fresh and sweet. The lipstick is a matte one and is very pigmented. I do find that it is quite long lasting however not entirely transfer proof. It feels really comfortable on the lips without drying them out.

Holo Lip Colour Intensifier in 10 One Miracle Fits All

This lip product is a very fun one. I will put it out there. It is not really meant to be worn on its own unless you are in for a frosty holographic lip look.. at least that's what I think. It is meant to change colour with what ever is placed underneath it. I tried it with some different formulas and I do think that it works but with matte and creamy lipsticks and not with liquid lipstick.

The first shade is the the Holo Lip colour on its own followed by a colour and the product on top of the colour.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Review

If someone asks me what are the 3 makeup things I find essential would probably be filling my eyebrows, under eye concealer and mascara. I tend to put something in my brows always whether it is pencil, powder, pomade or even just eyebrow gel.

I came across this Maybelline Eyebrow Tattoo which intrigued me a lot. Although I do really love to have my eyebrows defined I am not particularly inclined of getting them permanently tattooed.

This Maybelline Tattoo Brow is a peel-off tinting gel which is said to last for 3 days. For application make sure that your eyebrows are clean and makeup free. Apply with the brush over your natural eyebrow shape and let it set for a minimum of 20 minutes. You can also leave it for 2 hours to obtain the best results. Then once dry peel off the gel starting from the inner corner of the brow towards the outside.

There are several shades available and I use the Dark Brown one for myself. I find application quite easy with the brush and I tend to leave the gel even overnight some times. Just let it dry a bit before going to sleep. Peeling it off is very easy and the gel does not tug on the hair. The gel tints both the hair strands and the skin. Until you get used to the product it is a good idea to have handy a cotton bud and some water proof makeup remover.

During application
I usually clean my face with an oil cleanser if I have a full face of makeup on. Other wise I use micellar water. Try not to use a lot of oil based cleanser on the eyebrows so as to prolong the tinting. I do find that the product actually lasts for 3 days on my brows, after which it starts to fade quite quickly without leaving any residue. Below are the before and after photos of the process.

The morning after - 1st day
2nd day
3rd day
4th day
So, as you can see from the above photos the tint starts to fade gradually until practically nothing is left. Use an oil based remover if you need to remove the product more quickly.

I do suggest trying this product out if you are into Brow products! Let me know what you think about it!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Essence New Products

Essence is always bringing out new products all the time. It has been featured several times here on my blog and as you know it is a very affordable brand. A few weeks ago I was sent some new makeup products to tryout and review. I had to giveaway some products as they were super light for my skin tone. Anyways , below is my take on the products.

I need a miracle mascara

Without mascara
With Mascara
Without Mascara
With Mascara
I am quite liking this mascara. It is quite natural but it gives length and volume at the same time. I do not think it is water proof but it did not smear or smudge throughout the day so it is somewhat long lasting.

Mattifying + pore minimizing Primer 

This primer has black clay which is what makes is Mattifying. It has a light almost creamy gel consistency which I do really like. It doesn't have that slippery texture and I find that it goes really well under my usual foundations.

Too Glam to give a Damn palette

I have actually tried all the shades in this palette. The photos do not do it justice as some of the shades are really gorgeous. I really love the golden shade on the left and the purple and green above it. The shades are a mixture of mattes and satins and metallic/shimmery shades. I expected some shades to be of better pay off like the pink one on the left. But on the whole the palette is quite good. The shade on the far right is like a golden peach shade which is your highlighter and it is a really good one!

Go for the Glow palette 02 the warms

This is a highlighting palette with 3 shades - one being a golden shade, the middle one is like a duochrome pink and the one on the right is like a soft pink colour. I am particularly drawn to the far left shade (see below) as I tend to prefer golden/peachy shades rather than pink shades. All the shades are quite pigmented and metallic almost too. 

Colour Boost in 04 mad matters and Melted Chrome in 03 copper dropper

Talking about good liquid lipticks with a very good price! The Colour Boost range is honestly a very good liquid lipstick. It is super matte and super pigmented. It tends to be a little bit drying, as all liquid lipsticks tend to be. However, it is transfer proof and lasts for quiet a number of hours.
I am not a big fan of the Melted Chrome. Although it is very pigmented and it looks gorgeous, however, when applied on top of a lip product it tends to be a bit overpowering. You should apply it with a very light hand and at the centre of the lips to create a subtle metallic effect. I am not a fan of using it alone.

Have you tried anything from the above?