Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 3 - Malta Fashion Week 2017 - Ivory & Co. and Gaetano

I had to miss these 2 shows. These were probably two of the most awaited ones. From what I was told they were 2 amazing ones!

Every bride's dream is to wear the perfect wedding gown on the big day. Choosing the perfect gown should be a wonderful experience. At Ivory & Co. one can find a vast choice of fine silks, French laces, guipore and delicate wools along with exceptional accessories ranging from head pieces, fascinators and jewellery which incorporate delicate diamante and Swarovski Crystals, to elegant shoes, veils and gloves.

Photos by Neil Psaila

Music and Fashion are two important aspects of Gaetano's life. This year he presents DIVAS which represents power - more specifically powerful women such as Mariah Carey, Cher, Celine Dion, Whitney Huston, Beyonce and so on. DIVA is the word which symbolises: glamour, power, attitude, demands, showstopper, over the top and talent.... All just perfect words which describe this collection.

Photos by Neil Psaila



Thursday, May 25, 2017

Presentations Day 1 and Day3 - Pas De Deus and Abloom

Pas De Deus - Sarah Caruana Dingli

Sarah Caruana Dingli presented her winter collection for 2017 entitled Pas De Deus. The inspiration is a combination of ballerinas and her personal passion. It reflects the beautiful paradox of elegance, poise and beauty interwined with strength and endurance of the practice. The collection includes pastel colours and ribbons with incorporated dark tones to create and edgy but elegant collection. 

Photos by Luke Testaferrata

Abloom - Carla Grima Atelier

This presentation screamed summer and a perfect island. In fact this collection is a playful collection which takes you through shimmerign days with an array of beautiful hues. Tones including pink bougainvillea and ochre with prickly pear green. The collection included rich reds and ethereal greens to deep blues and deeper hues of dusk and minty shades of emerald waters. 

The collection has kaftans carefully draped over knotted bikinis, silk palazzo pants with colourful embroidery which all offer a wide choice of luxurious resort-wear. Fabrics are light, weightless and wistful. 

Castillo Contemporary Jewellery

Chris Castillo's work is distinct, unique and encompasses key characteristics of local architecture. It is always so great to see local talent! Creativity is highlighted in the linear and curved movements with hollow spaces and solid surfaces which give the piece a unique shape even when viewed from different angles. Just simple elegance.

Computer aided in the design which helps him push boundaries in order to achieve certain designs which cannot be achieved through freehand drawing. However, there is still the artisan touch which makes his work stand out more!

The Holy Collection is about our origins, religion, culture and heritage. Each piece represents the richness our island has which accentuate the beauty of our past and contemporary architectural works such as features from the Mosta Dome which all make his work exceptional!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 2 - Malta Fashion Week 2017 - The Gods, Vanity Rebels and Boho Goddess

Day 2 started with a collection named 'The Gods' by Herminas Reea who is a young Greco-Armenian designer based in Romania. The collection is inspired by the contemporary women's fragility and tenderness of the endless femininity and the magical beauty characterising the women seeing beauty as a goddess, or the woman believing in the beauty of the goddess. Herminas Reea's designes focus on lace and are handmade with diaphanous veils which highlight the women's innocence but at the same time her femininity and sensuality. 

Photos by Go Raw

Inspired by streetwear with a touch of Eas-London vibe, Parascandalo is know for mixing fabrics and textures to dramatic effect and to tell his own story with regards to Maltese Culture, politics and environmental issues.
The new collection 'Vanity Rebels' is inspired by youth and pop culture and contains delicate fabrics, embroidery and and a surprising mixture of patterns and textures. The PARASCANDALO staple, the t-shirt, has been reintroduced again into this collection turning it into a showpiece with the use of graphics. The t-shirts are partnered with deconstructed denim, comfy sweats and one-off unique patchwork pieces.

Photos by Go Raw 

The last show for the night was by Maria Cutajar who represented 'Boho Goddess'. Knowing Maria, she has always had a flair for Fashion and this year's Fall/Winter Collection is inspired from the bohemian lifestyle, which is describes the marginalised and impoverished artist. The main aim behind this collection is to empower the inner beauty of a woman and to make her inner artist emerge in the world of today.

Photos by Joseph Lungaro