Thursday, November 26, 2015


I kept promising this Blog post would be up earlier but I just couldn't manage this week. It was a nightmare! Anyways, here are the photos of the Essence and Catrice Event which happened last week at the lavish Hilton Hotel Quarterdeck Bar.

The much anticipated Essence Limited Edition is the Merry Berry collection. Nothing screams Christmas more than this collection. And I DO STRONGLY SUGGEST to go and check it out before it is sold out!! Check the links at the end of this post to see where it is currently stocked across Malta.


I went ahead and bought some of the products but I really want to get more so I will see if I'll manage.

Go and grab this highlighter!!!!!!

The following are photos of the event itself and of the very generous goodies we were given to take home with us.

Those cakes were perfect!!!

These are perfect trios! 

Thanks to Lorraine from lolalovessparkles

When blended, it creates a very gorgeous glow perfect for the festive season!

That black!!!!!
All of us at the event! ps. you cannot see me! I am hidden at the back. Photo by Mark Pace
Me and my Shopping babe :) Lara from EveryBeautyAddictsBible

Check the Essence Facebook page and Catrice Facebook page to stay updated on collections and other news!!!

What are your Favourite products? Let me know below!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Launch of Women's Secret Malta

We all remember Women's Secret right? I remember it quite well here in Malta. Recently it was relaunched in Baystreet in St Julians if you'are here in Malta. 

Last Thursday I was able to witness the newly opened store with the launch of the new limited edition. The philosophy behind Women's Secret?

Pretty.Comfortable &Sexy.

Their ranges consist of endless styles ranging from fun and cute and the extra comfy pygamas to the flirty, sexy and intriguing negligees.

The shop is set up in a fun and somewhat radiates a calm where you feel completely at ease to look around and take your time choosing the right piece. It is girly but not that kind of crazy girly. It is more fun but serious looking at the same time.

One thing which I simply loved is the attention to detail that even the simplest piece of underwear has. They cater for a wide range of sizes but they also focus at the same time on somewhat smaller sizes so they have a larger amount of the more 'common' sizes. And prices are pretty much the same as those of Spain and other European countries.

Not to mention that the staff is really nice and helpful :) 

I am quite happy that it is finally back in Malta! Just go and take a look.

PS. Check out Women's Secret Malta's Page for the latest news!




Friday, November 6, 2015

Pupa Milano Soft and Wild Limited Edition Collection

I am always looking forward to try out new collection from different brands. A few days ago I received 2 products to try out from the new Pupa Collection - Soft and Wild Limited collection. It is somewhat of a balance between a romantic and animalier trend. The collection is made up various pieces of makeup.

There are 4  Wet and Dry eyeshadows ( I do have other shades of these and I really suggest trying them out! ). These shadows can be used dry just as normal eyeshadows or wet to create a more intense payoff:

001 Golden Mauve, 003 Chic Gold, 004 Golden Rose and 005 Glam Pink

Their retail price is 11.70 euros.

There are 4 different Color Gel Nailpolishes (Glass Effect Nail Polish):

These nail polish give the nails a gorgeous shine to  the nails! There are 4 shades: 

129 Soft Rose Nude, 130 Soft Brown Nude, 132 Wild Red,  133 Wild Fuchsia
Retail Price 6.00 Euros

There is also and interesting top coat with Black Leopard Animal Effect.

The Soft and Wild Blush - Bonne Mine Effect Maxi Illuminator Blush

This is the most animalesque blusher you will ever see !! It has these golden/pink leopard prints!
001 Pink Leopard

Retail Price 14.40 Euros

The following are the 2 products which I received. The first one is the Soft and Wild Vamp! Duo Liner and Kajal.

 So, one end is an Eyeliner Marker and the other end is a Soft Kajal liner. I have to say it. I do have a bit of mixed feelings towards this liner. I hope I will be able to explain myself well.
You don't really get a lot of product in the Kajal end. However, it is quite tapered and so you can create very edgy looks. Having said that, it would definitely need some sharpening at some point. It does create, however, a very intense look. It is very black and pigmented. It is also quite creamy and easy to use to create a smudged/smoky look. You can also use it on the water line, although it does need setting. The Eyeliner marker part is quite good! It has a very pointy felt tip and you can create a very sharp liner. However, I found the liner bleeds a little in the fine lines. So, I suggest you use it only for the upper lash line. It is not the most pigmented liner out there but it does its job. It is not waterproof (it doesn't claim to be) but it does stay on for a good amount of time without smearing.

Retail price: 11.80 euros

The other product I received is the Soft and Wild I'M Lipstick in the shade 002 Soft Brown Nude.

 There are other 3 shades in the range. 001 is called Soft Rose Nude, 003 is Wild Red and 004 Wild Fuchsia. The lipstick offers shine and colour with a very nice vanilla scent. It is very creamy and moisturising and quite long lasting too without drying the lips. I absolutely love the lipstick! And the shade is the perfect Nude colour !! I would strongly recommend this lipstick. 

Retail prince: 12.45 euros

For more information Check the Pupa Milano Malta Facebook Page. Check out the Pupa Milano Website.

What is your fave Pupa products?! Let me know below in the comments!


Monday, October 12, 2015

People & Skin Botox and Cosmetic Surgery Event

I am so late in writing this post. However, here it is. Several weeks ago I was cordially invited to an event about Botox and Cosmetic surgery which to be honest I am not planning to do maybe ever. But, it is always interested to learn new things. I must say I attended this event right after work so all the photo credits go to Lara from Every Beauty Addict's Bible.

The event was organised by the newly opened People & Skin which is run by Dr. Joanna Delia. The event was held at the Lily Agius Art Gallery in Sliema which made the presentation perfect! We were given presentation by  Dr. Foued Hamza on Liposuction, Body Sculpting and Breast  Reduction/Enhancement Surgery. Another presentation was about Implant and Restorative Dentistry by Dr. Joseph XuerebMs. Linda Briggs posed as a model for a Botox  application and dermal fillers administered by Dr Joanna Delia.  Ms. Briggs is involved in personal cosmetic and surgical advice and services in the UK and all over Europe. Actually, Malta is also one of  her operation centers.

During all the presentations we were given insights on new technologies on how to achieve the desired results with minimal damage and scars possible. 

On a final note , during the presentation we were also served refreshments from Manuel's Kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed this Blog post,