Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer essentials

Soon it is Summer!!1 yeyyy :D at least for me (and probably for most of you) this summer is very much looked forward to! To be exact looking forward to the 20th of June as that is the day when my last exam is over. Hooray!!!
Anyways, with summer comes the sun and the tanning and other things, so I figured out a couple of (very) important things which are needed for this (or any) summer....

1. Sunscreen! at least SPF 15 both for the whole body and for the face.
2. Water! drink as much water as you can. You need to drink more if you tend to sweat because you're loosing a lot of water.
3. Wear a hat. There are some awesome hats out there especially big ones with a big flowy rim (you know which ones I am talking about :P )
4. Lip Balm with SPF, and it doesn't have to be expensive.
5. Sunglasses! again, these do not have to be expensive to be stylish. There are tons of sunglasses which are both sytlish and cheap at the same time.

Ok, so we have the list.. but why do we need them? The answer is simple.
Sunscreen protects our skin from the harmful rays. It also prevents wrinkles! I was told by a male friend of mine, that he doesn't have wrinkles around his eyes because he wears sunglasses. This is because if you don't wear them you have to kind of squint your eyes. This will create premature wrinkles around the outer part of the eye. So, make sure you pack on sunscreen well! Lip balms with SPF not only protect the lips from the sun's harmful rays but they hydrate them as well cause they really tend to get pretty dry in summer too! Water is really needed too, to replace the water that is lost from the body as it tries to cool our body temperature down (our body is ingenious no?). Hats protect our face and shoulders from the sun too!

Pack these things with you when you're going out. They really don't need tons of space (maybe the hat? But you can wear it no?).
So... with these summer essential things you can have fun.. but most importantly.. you're protected and safe at the same time!!
Needless to say.. try and avoid the 11am-3pm sun as much as you can!



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