Friday, November 11, 2011

Back to Basics: face canvas

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When it comes to makeup application like everything else you need to prepare the face for the subsequent products.
You have to start with a clean and fresh face. I cleanse my face with my usual cleanser and then apply a thin layer of moisturiser.

With the following step there are people who like it the 1st way or people who say its the 2nd way.
This step conerns the concealer. There are people who apply it before the foundation and there are people who apply it after the foundation.

Personally, I like to apply the concealer before the foundation. As mistakes with the concealers (being it too light) can be corrected with it.

I like to apply concealer under my eyes as I have dark circles like a big majority of the people. The concealer has to be a couple of shades lighter then the foundation as it has to lighten up the area under the eyes. Apply a very small amount with the applicator that comes with the concealer or with your ring finger. Blend carefully.

Tip: It is better to apply little by little than to apply a lot at once. This will make it easier to blend because applying too much concealer won't look as good and natural as it should.

The Next step is Foundation. There are tons of variations and types and brands and all sorts of foundations on the market. The choosing of the right foundation can be very tricky. I personally prefer liquid foundations then powdery ones, but this is according to ones choice as well. Then there are the colours, beige toned or peachy toned. Beige toned ones will work for almost every skin tone.

Tip: Never try a foundation on your hands. Always try a little bit on the jaw line and blend it carefully! If it disappears it is the right shade!

Foundation can be applied in 3 main ways. It can be applied by hands which gives it a more natural result. Just make sure your hands are clean! It can be applied with sponges, which personally I don't like as these accumulate a lot of dirt and sometimes the foundation sticks to it and won't wash off. Also, I find that tons of product is lost and wasted in the sponge. Lastly, foundation can be applied with a Foundation brush.

This usually looks something like this:

It has a tapered (ponted) end which can reach around the nostrils and other difficult areas. Make sure that the foundation brush bristles are synthetic as otherwise if they are natural bristles they will absorb the foundation.

Apply the foundation evenly all over the face. And don't forget the neck area!!!!! Keep blending the foundation downwards towards the neck.

Tip: I like to apply foundation in criss cross motion as shown below. this helps the foundation to blend more easily. And it prevents brush marks!

The Next step would be Powder. A lot of people opt to skip this step but I think it is necessary as it sets the foundation in place, mattifies the skin and gives the face a more natural look.

Use a big powder Brush like the one shown on the left. It has to be made up of natural bristles!

Tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • synthetic brushes - for cream products
  • natural bristles - for powder products
  • try foundation on the jawline on the face
  • use concealer a couple of shades lighter then your skin tone
  • make sure the face is moisturised before applying foundation
  • finish off with powder!



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