Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Essence Nail polish remover review

Until a couple of months ago I used to use a conventional nail polish remover which contains acetone. But it used to ruin my nails. The nails used to be very dry and used to peel a lot. A friend of mine suggested this Essence remover which doesn't contain acetone.

I must say that this product  has changed the condition of my nails drastically. No longer dry and peeling nails. Having said that hand cream has helped as well.
After using the product the nails are left with a pleasent strawberry vanilla smell and nails are left somewhat a bit shinier.

The only thing that I am kind of unhappy about is that it is a bit messy as can be seen in the picture. 

Whereas acetone nail polish removers were quiet quick and mess free.
Oh and it is quiet cheap. It was around 2.70 I think.
On the whole it is a good product and I would definitely purchase it again.

Hope you found it helpful!


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