Friday, February 1, 2013

Uriage Makeup Remover Review

Hello guys :)

Makeup remover is something that makeup wearers obviously need. I just totally do not agree washing the face with just a normal cleanser and water. And (although I use them in what I like to call emergencies) I do not like the makeup remover wipes concept. I think they come in handy at certain times but they shouldn't replace your usual makeup removing regime.

I like Uriage products in general as I used to use them a couple of years back and I needed a makeup remover, just a simple one. And I saw this one and I thought I would give it a try.

To begin on a negative note, I wouldn't repurchase this product again just for the simple fact that it costs 9.27 euros. I know that Uriage is not a cheap brand, however, I used this product so quickly that I think I would need one of these every 2 months, which is quite a lot (for me).

Having said that, this makeup remover is without parabens, which is a very good thing. It is also great for eyes as it is quite gentle and doesn't cause any eye irritation or so.

It has a watery consistency with a pleasant but not strong smell. It says that it is a no-rinse formula, however, I recommend to wash your face with water and with your normal cleanser. I do this with every makeup remover. It removes the majority of the makeup with the exception of water proof makeup (it doesn't say that it does anyways).

It is suitable for every skin type. Even for the sensitive ones. For that I give it a higher point. 

On the whole I think that it is a quite a good makeup remover, but I think that there are quite a good number of removers which are much cheaper.

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