Friday, July 5, 2013

OOTD and Some Inspiration :) + Mini Haul

I never actually did an outfit of the day post (OOTD) and frankly I am not sure how it is done so be patient :)

I have probably bored you to death with my posts this week but I have so much going on that I felt I had to write blog posts.

In London I was inspired! inspired by what? By the people around me! There was such diversity such inspiration and I was overwhelmed.

I felt I had to do something different!


Top- Primark, Skirt - Newlook, Bag-Zara,
Necklace - Malta's Online Shop
2) Nails

Everyone seemed to have perfect and immaculate hands! Just looked at mine and seriously I bite the areas around my nail and not the actual nail.... They are just a bit horrible. I bought a cuticle oil and I intend to you know just a do a kind of weekly mani session :)

3) Lip colours, Bright colours ....Clothes...

I blame Martina for this. She actually inspired me to wear more bright lip colours! She also encouraged me to kind of wear more daring things and not the usual plain and boring stuff. Here is what I got lately.

Yeahh it was free with Cosmo... that is why I bought it haha


sorbet - wild watermelon

4) Lashes
It seemed everyone in London wore lashes! I am determined to do my best!!
I am very picky about eyelashes and tbh these weren't the cheapest either...

London was full of inspiration. I felt free and kind of in heaven with all those ideas around you.

What do you look for ? What inspires you?




  1. Ohhh the bag :D haha :) I love your items! I got cosmo too for the aviator glasses haha, i read bits of it on the plane to london :) great post hunni