Saturday, August 3, 2013

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes and Brush Review + Swatches

Summer is in full bloom here in Malta, with temperatures not going below 33-34 degrees. I am planning to do a video on my summer staples, like things that really last and so.

This is my favourite blusher of all times. I had won these blushes in a giveaway a year or so ago.

These are the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes. I have 3 shades which are pictured below:

You can find these blushes on the following websites:

There are certainly more websites available. Just google Daniel Sandler Makeup and you will find ample of sites :) However, not all the websites carry the whole range.

Now about the review.

I have quite combination face and my face tends to get shiny because of sweating as well so I have to use longlasting products.

These blushes are just that longlasting that do not budge, badge or transfer. They are somewhat like stains but they can be easily removed with makeup removers. 

They are liquid blushes. It is important to shake the bottle well so the two parts mix together and you would typically need 1 drop for each cheek depending on the intensity that you want. I got the water brush in the the give away that I won however, you can use a typical Buffing brush.

So, I like to put the drop on the back of my hand then pick the product up with the brush and blend the blusher in circular motions on the cheekbones or wherever I feel like applying blusher :) 

What is also great about these babies is that they can be applied on bare skin. Typical blushes are best applied on foundation or tinted moisturiser and some powder to have the maximum effect.

As a Summer Staple, for me these are the best ones out there (which I have tried so far).

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