Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NYX Party All Night Latex Free Formula Lash Adhesive Review

I rarely wear false eyelashes, and when I do they have to be as natural as possible.
Back when NYX opened in Malta (Finally) I saw this and I decided to try it out as the glue that I originally had was of a white consistency.

The advantage of it being clear is that (obviously) it doesn't leave any white residue on your eyes.

One thing which I absolutely love about this product is that it comes with a brush applicator and not the typical tube kind of packaging. I find that with the latter type you can easily apply a lot more glue than you actually need and hence it would make it difficult to manoeuvre the lashes too.

It is also Latex Free which can be very important for people who are allergic to Latex. 

I really like this lash adhesive because it holds on to the lashes really well and as it claims, you can really Party All Night ! Having said that, the lashes can still be removed easily without any pulling or tugging  on the eyelids.

To some extent this adhesive is waterproof. Meaning that it will still do its job if water is splashed in your face or you rinse your face with water. However, keep in mind that the glue is easily removed with makeup removers and the lashes might not hold on perfectly to the lash line after a whole day at the sea and everything.

Bottom line - If you are a fan of lashes or even if you are just a one off lash gal like me I suggest giving it a try. It isn't expensive plus you have a generous amount of glue in the tube.

What do you think about it ? Have you ever tried it ?




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