Monday, April 14, 2014

Benjawan Thai Restaurant Review

A couple of days ago I confirmed my absolute love for this restaurant. Let me tell you how it all started.

I just simply love Thai food. Not the too spicy ones but  I love it in general. My favourite restaurant of all times has to be Blue Elephant however I am just going to say that it is a bit fancy so, it is a bit expensive.

I remember seeing a review on a particular magazine which I forgot the name of. And the person talking about it was really pleased with the restaurant and so, I made it a point to visit.

My birthday was a couple of weeks back and I hinted (ok maybe forced) that I wanted to try it out. Therefore, my bf was kind enough to take me there.

First of all, the staff is the sweetest staff ever! They greet you with such a smiling and friendly welcome that I was instantly drawn to the restaurant.

We were given menus and although we wanted to try everything we settled for the following items:

Platter - I couldn't find the name of it

The 3 sauces that the platter is served with - Oyster sauce, sweet chilli and a unique blend of peanut sauce.

Thai Prawn Soup - Tom-Yam-Khoong

Duck Tamarind

Pad Thai Noodles

Massaman Lamb


On our next visit we tried some different things

Chicken Coconut Soup - Tom-Ka-Gai

Sweet and Sour Chicken

My favourite dish from all of the ones I tried was the Sweet and Sour Chicken. It is not like any other sweet and sour chicken. Not like the ones you would typically eat from take aways. It is simply the best thing ever.
Check their Menu here. I am pretty sure they have some other items as the deserts and the platters are not listed but you can get an idea of t he Menu.

One thing for sure. Always book before hand as on Saturday we went on a whim to the restaurant and the managed to squeeze us in as I believe there were lots of reservations.

It is definately not the finest restaurant but I can guarantee that the food is so genuine that I honestly didnt't even care.

Bottom line - it is a gem in the heart of Bugibba. It is just in one of the side streets leading to the main square in Bugibba, with some outside seating.

I honestly cannot wait to go and visit again soon, as I think I am planning to try out everything which is on the menu!



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