Friday, May 30, 2014

Gagliardi Spring/Summer 2014 and Autumn/Winter 2014

This post is purely for the ladies! Men in suits? Yes, please. I mean.. there is something really appealing when men are all suited up. It could be just me... but I am pretty sure I am not the only one, right?

Enough dreaming mar! On to the event itself.

Just a brief note on the location. This was by far my favourite location. It was held at the National Library in Valletta which houses some of the oldest books and records that there are in Malta. I think the setting was just perfect and it really complimented the collection it self! 

As you can tell today's show consisted of the very best in Luxury design and in tailoring skills. The Gagliardi brand blends modernity with heritage and tradition to create a vibrant and exciting yet also classic and timeless look. The collection caters not only for the business kind of wardrobe but also for the clothes a man wears in those relaxing moments after work or anywhere else such as a typical Mediterranean night out.

During this show 2 collections were showcased. The first one being the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. This collection was inspired by the Amalfi coast with an emphasis on lightness, crisp silhouettes and traditional sartorial detail. The colour palette included a mix of navy, white, sky blue, midnight blue, lemon yellow, vintage pink, lilac, heather, burnt orange and grey melange.

The collection features rounded well shaped shoulders and slim fits which are increasingly popular. Having said that the traditional contemporary silhouettes are still available.

The second collection was the Autumn/Winter 014 collection. With every season comes new collections, fresh details and materials and fits, and yet the Gagliardi style remains timeless. Every subsequent collection contains its own original pieces but still retaining the qualities of the world of Gagliardi.

The Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is inspired by 'Chingiale' hunting in Tuscany and boasts an exquisite paisley hand writing and trim. Adopting some staple autumnal colours as Bordeaux, warm mustard, rusty orange, forest green, wintery grey, icy blue and smokey blue the Gagliardi range is rich in character and style.

Do not forget to check the Malta Fashion Week and Awards for more photos.




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