Sunday, May 25, 2014


Writing this post just a few hours before I have to wake up for another day at work probably makes you think that I am Crazy. Well, yeah. Anyways, I was so looking forward to start writing about the events. However, I may not express myself as much as I want to so I hope the photos would do some justice.

The event that I attended today was that of the 'New Designers Fashion Show' where 12 different labels were showcased. This event portrayed a lot of Maltese talent infused with some International additions. Below are some of my favorite pieces from all the collections. Bear in mind that this is only based on personal tastes. To view the Entire collections check the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Malta Facebook page. 


The First collection was designed by Natailie Bronfman who designed the collection especially for women who love a strong but clean design. She took the inspiration from past decades and produced a collection which in my opinion was brilliant.  Her pieces are classic and timeless but still elegant and contemporary enough  which makes them still wearable for modern women.


The next collection featured a more adventurous approach when it comes to the different fabrics and materials. Gremar has a more close familiarity with such fabrics which is such a vital aspect in order  
to tailor for the different shapes and forms she wanted to achieve through her designs. The focus in this collection was on black lace but not only. It was mixed in a perfect way with other materials to create an interesting aspect. Simple and yet elegant designs make the collection more approachable to a that woman who wants to be fashionable but elegant at the same time.

Marta Vida

In this collection Marta Gomez Vidal (Malta/Spain) offered a quite interesting concept in her collection. Coming from a long line of tailors, Marta, following in her ancestors’ footsteps, developing a passion for design and fashion at a young age. She worked in the wardrobe department of various TV shows in Spain and is a big passionate of handcrafts. In this collection she developed an interest in creating leather bags, along with some very vibrant and somewhat tribal feeling statement pieces. 

Marco Parascandalo

Having worked for several years in London, he got the inspiration for his collection from the East Part of the city. This collection was targeted towards those men who are maybe of a slightly younger generation who love to add a bit more of a fashionable vibe to their outfit without going overboard. What I found really striking? The Maltese twist in the collection which was showcased by 'Kemm Inhobb' and 'Skandlu'. In fact he named his collection "East London with a Maltese twist”.


This collection was entirely based on handbags. And not just simple, fashionable hand bags. But vintage, retro and timeless pieces.  After attending a two year fashion design course at Manzoni Fashion House, Fransina started creating her own fashion pieces. Her love of bags led her to work on creating her own style of handbags and accessories, working with various materials such metal frames, fabrics and leather.


Charlene Joan Sant is the master mind behind Churpina which offers a very eccentric, kitschy pieces which much vibrancy to them. She is a dedicated self taught deisgner who has inherited her creativity and talent from her mother and grandmother. 
In this collection there are some interesting pieces which include hand made handbags which along with the outfits have a lot of colour and flavour as well. When creating tis collection Charlene  pictured a woman who has just finished a long due project and is now sitting carefree and just relaxing.


I have to admit. This was by far my favourite of all the collections. The concept behind the collection was ingenious. The designer got inspired to produce her debut collection Palomina, by monochromatic drawings made by the artist Maria Azzopardi. 
Aga Rusajczyk is the lady behind the mysterious Mosca. She is a Polish freelance stylist an make up artist based in Malta. Silk was the main fabric used and the designs were simple however still giving that extra bit to the woman who wants to look and feel sophisticated.


Lukka frequently travels to London which is where he gets his inspiration from. He is influenced mostly by the vintage street style of the city. Lukka's designed are influenced a lot by the work of the great Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs. The collection featured somewhat retro pieces with a touch of Maltese culture in them but leaving them still stylish and wearable.


This is a collection which is a collaboration between two young and much talented designers - Alicia Schembri-Roslichenki and Mandy Farrugia. Their collection consisted of eight outfits which included their own print of flowers which make it a perfect Fall '14 collection.


The designer behind this collection is Martina Spiteri, a 21 year old student who has worked in fashion design since 2009. Celeste’s designs are aimed at the strong woman who is not afraid to challenge the norm, but who still seeks to remain very elegant. Her pieces are classic and timeless whilst being contemporary enough so every modern woman would still love to wear them. Her collection was inspired by the 5 stages of grief following death.


Poshet is a line of imaginative hand bags and tank tops designed by Ana Nogueira, a Portuguese national born in Mozambique, who has been living in Malta for the past 10 years. Her travels and experiences of different cultures such as Australian, African and Mexican have inspired her to produce eclectic designs which seem to form a coherent collection of instinctive fun and fashionable accessories which make them more individualistic.


Rosemarie is the daughter of a dress maker who grew up fashioning clothes for her dolls from left over materials she found around the house. In 2013 she graduated from Polimoda International Fashion Institute and went on to specialise in knitwear, occasion wear and women’s wear. Rosemarie recently opened her own fashion studio, where she is also working on wedding gown design for MFWA 2014.
In this collection she was inspired by the Japanese Samurai and was able to create a collection of interesting pieces which depict the ancient warriors.

So, that was it! I probably rushed through it all but well this was my first time so, I still need some brushing up in these kind of events.

Anyways last but not least:

Hair was done by Dominic Bartolo, Dreads Hairdressing, assisted by Jessica Mascari, Priscilla Mifsud Cini and James Attard, supported by Joico. Makeup was done by Elaine Galea, Krista Paris and Christelle Lays, and supported by Evagarden.

Stay tuned for more posts!

Untill the next one,