Friday, December 4, 2015

Thalgo M-Ceutic Launch

A couple of weeks ago I attended a seminar given by Thalgo. It was all about the launch of the new M-Ceutic range.There is a whole lot of science behind this range which let me just say, I was sucked in all of it. 

So this range is aimed for those people who have problematic skin, skin which is prone to ageing, enlarged pores and blemishes. The M-Ceutic range is the first Cosmeceutical skincare range which contains the patented Mesolift Marine. It delivers essential nutrients to the skin to maximise the cells' metabolism.

1. Pro-Regulator Make Up Remover

This makeup remover is a very unique blend of gel and oil which removes all the makeup and sebum without drying the skin. It restores the normal sebum production and is formulated with a variety of oils such as hazelnut oil and grape seed oil amongst others which strengthens and protects and sooth the skin. It has a fresh scent of green leaves, orange, neroli and white musk.

2. Pro-Renewal Cleanser

This cleanser cleanses and purifies the skin. It contains Papain/Salicylic acids which are used to gently exfoliate the skin and unclog pores.  It balances and brightens the skin. This cleanser can be used everyday and leaves the skin feeling fresh without it feeling dry or dehydrated.

3. Normalizer Cream-Serum

This Serum regulates sebum production using Omega 6 amongst others. Neo-Skin (6%) helps to renew the skin. This serum contains Biospheres filled with Marine Mesolift (3%) which maximises tissue saturation. It tightens pores and reduces the imperfections to make the skin clearer and smoother.

4. Resurfacer Cream-Serum

This is a potent cream serum which improves the skin drastically. It contains Marine Mesolift which corrects skin irregularities and reduces residucal marks while evening out the skin making it more radiant. 

5. Intensive Peel

This intensive enzymatic and chemical peel improves this the skin in 7 days. It reduces roughness to give the skin a more refined, clear and even texture. It corrects blemishes and irregularities and tightens pores. This peel is made of Papain and Ascorbic Acid which are excellent skin exfoliants.

6. Detox Regenerator

This product eliminates skin toxins while increasing the cells metabolism. It is highly concentrated in Marine Mesolift which eliminates skin impurities to give a more plump and radiant skin.

I then got to try some of the products mentioned above. The Discovery kit contains the Pro-Renewal Cleanser, the Detox Regenerator and the Resurfacer Cream-Serum. I am not going to lie but I am just going to say that I felt my skin saying a big THANK YOU when I started using these products. Let's just say I have quite oily skin and several blemishes and pimple scars. My skin feels balanced when I use the cleanser. It just feels comfortable and looks much more even and radiant! The Detox Regenerator is quite wonderful. I wish I had more to try because I could notice that it this wonders to my skin. It just absorbed the product and was so comfortable and radiant. 

The Resurfacer Cream-Serum might scare people a bit in thinking that it is a serum and that it will leave the skin shiny and what not which is not the case. I feel like my sebum production is just under control and that my face is neither oily nor dry. It just feels comfortable. 

Ps. Check Thalgo Malta for more information.



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