Saturday, May 21, 2016

MFW 2016 Day 7 - Insomnia by Nilara

This year's collection from Nilara was entitled Insomnia. A name which suggested exciting and mysterious things. And this collection was just that. It portrays the realms of imagination and bears the hallmark of Nilay Camilleri's aspiration of a woman's sensuality through her extraordinary vision of the female form. She takes the cutting edge of avant garde fashion onto a whole new level by challenging the conventional and traditional idea of the evening gown.

This collection was d
efinitely not for the faint hearted. Using real leather, delicate French lace and feathery organza, each gown is a masterpiece in its own right, crafted to the highest of specifications while managing to provoke the imagination.

"While the undesirable state of insomnia invokes to mind sleepless nights, this collection does away with fragility and leads to a woman for whom strength is a way of life. With Nilara’s signature attention to detail, the sumptuous forms, the intricate beadwork and the artistry with which each creation is concocted, Insomnia represents what every woman would wear in her wildest dreams. Glamour comes in an array of shapes and forms, but Nilara’s Insomnia collection will remain unprecedented and unparalleled in the collective imagination of those with a discerning eye for avant-garde fashion." Malta Fashion Week and Fashion Awards



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