Friday, July 8, 2016

Sam Selby - The Sirena Collection

Sam Selby is an innovative designer from the UK with a passionate creative streak. Recently Sam Selby featured the launch of  her new line, The Sirena Collection during the Malta Fashion Week 2016. 
The bright and bold statement pieces are reminiscent of the sea sediment. Each item holds its very own unique pattern and shade. The designs are a balance of ergonomics and aesthetics, as Sam believes that each is as important as the other. Each necklace sits and frames the colour bones so that they accentuate the natural lines of the wearer. The perfect combination of the colours with the sterling silver, or gold plated silver, allows versatility to the wearer which creates a statement look for any classic or plain outfit.

A recent photoshoot which happened at MedAsia playa featured this collection. The model, Lorena Jaramillo showcased a number of statement pieces. Below are some of the shots of the collection:

Photography by Bernard Polidano,
Make-up by Natasha Polidano, 
Styling by Dorianne Mamo, 
Outfits by Accessorize, Malta.

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