Friday, May 19, 2017

Fashion + Colours + Trapani

April was one of the craziest and fun months so far! We went on a short trip to the beautiful island of Sicily. More specifically to Trapani. They were 4 days which were pretty jam packed!!

Thanks Ron Kerr for the photos!!

On Saturday Grazielle organised a lovely photo shoot.. which we kind of didn't know about it! She surprised us with coloured items from Benetton Malta and accessories from Primadonna Collection!

Kirsten Refalo, Lara, Me and Grazielle

Benetton is synonymous with vibrant and fun colours and styles. However, it is not just a clothing brand. It is a clothing brand with a message. United Colours of Benetton uses clothes to invoke certain philosophies in our lives. Clothes play an essential part in our day to day activities. We are constantly choosing/deciding what to wear and what fits our style or tastes.

The primary idea behind the short trip to Trapani in Collaboration with United Colours of Benetton was to get together and share the passion that we have for clothes in a fun but relaxed way. I can just say that this short trip was one which gave more confidence and I have lots of fun posts coming up! So, stay tuned!




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