Friday, June 9, 2017

Kipling opened in Malta

There is a new Monkey in town!!

Me and Lara

The Kipling concept originated from a range of backpacks with the addition of some fun and adventure. It finds its origin in Belgium, more specifically in Antwerp. Nowadays, there are several ranges, ranging from backpacks and adventure bags, to more casual bags. Practical work bags are another range from Kipling. Children bags are also available. What is quite unique to the brand is the practical aspect which can be found in each bag. Several compartments offer different organisation ideas. And for those who love travelling, there is a section for you! 
The name Kipling came from the author of  'The Jungle Book' Rudyard Kipling, which also brings about the monkey into the story. Monkeys portray fun and adventure which fits perfectly with the brand's idea. A more recent addition is the monkey key ring. Each key ring bears the name of a Kipling employee from around the world.

Ps. Each bag carries a 2 year warranty with it!

The above photo shows the limited edition bad designed specifically from artists from Japan - Niky Roehreke (far left), UK -Hannah Alice (front bag) , Brazil - Ana Morelli (the back bag) and China  Za Chan (far right) for Kipling's 30th Anniversary. 

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