Thursday, July 26, 2018

One Africa - Chamber of Fashion Malta 2018

The International Evening of Culture Though Fashion has become a yearly appointment. As with the past years everything was well-organized.  

In the magical atmosphere of Verdala Palace gardens, on a perfect Mediterranean evening, fashion designers from South Africa, Italy, Croatia and Malta came together to participate in The Chamber of Fashion Malta Foundation's INTERNATIONAL EVENING OF CULTURE THROUGH FASHION.

It was the week when the Africa and the rest of the world  was remembering Nelson Mandela. Danny Moodliar was there to show four of the most exciting established and emerging designers who are Sibu Misimang, Brenda Quin, Katherine Montague and Karla MortonDanny lives in Durban and is a great fashion Ambassador for his country.

Brightly coloured fabric turbans swept up the models hair as they floated around the gardens in soft flowery patterns and vivid yellow pantsuits.  Danny explained the combined collection was based on The Phoenix Rising from the ashes. A great Nation emerging from a troubled past, which was reflected in the choice of subdued fabrics which gradually metamorphosised into brilliant jewel colours on long full skirts with huge multi coloured patterned circles.

Photos thanks to Neil Psaila



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