Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feeling red...

Red lips are a timeless classic. They add glamour to an outfit and they instantly transforms a simple outfit. Some women think that they can't wear red as they can't find the perfect red colour!
There is a red colour suitable for every one!
The key to it is not to try it on your hands but to try it on your lips as your hands and lips do not have the same colour.

Skin tones are classified mainly into warm and cool. Warm skin tones have olive undertones while cool skin tones have fair complexions with pink undertones.

Olive skin toned women look great when using red lipsticks which have an orangy tinge to them.
Fair skin tones can opt for colours with pink tones like berry reds.
An alternative is to ask for the True red colour! To get an idea of what it lookes like... think of the red of the london buses! This red suits every skin tone.

If you think that red lipstick is to harsh there are lots of lipstains which are really a trend this year! These lipstains give the lips a more natural colour so it is not that pigmented and creamy as lipsticks and not so glossy as lipgloss. They are midway.

Ultimately you can choose a sheer red lipgloss. Both the lipstains and the lipgloss are great for day time wear.


A great tip which I learnt is to apply lip liner to the edges of the lips. This will prevent the lipstick from feathering and bleeding. You just need a matching lip liner to the lipstick you have.

Btw blue toned lipsticks make the lips luke whiter!

And make sure your lips are hydrated! Drink water and apply lip balm (around 30 minutes before and then remove it just before applying the red lipstick).

Another (maybe the best way) way to choose a red colour is just to try it on your lips in the day light and see if it suits you. This may need some thorough searching!!

Red lips need confidence! So Just pack it up and go red!



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