Friday, August 19, 2011

Makeup in Summer

Who doesn't hate the feeling of having a face which is kind of melting in the heat? At least I do!! and in this heat of ours!! So, this summer I adopted a new routine! No foundation and powder summer! and yes it is possible.

So what I used is a mosturiser with SPF of at least 15 in it. It can be tinted too so as to give a more even tone to the face.
Then for the eyes I just used a couple of things. As a base i used a waterproof creamstick eyecolour which doesnt crease!
Then I sweeped the eyeshadow all over the eye area. This eyeshadow should match the colour of the skin around the eye are (eyelid and under the eye brow). (I used the one which the pan shows - the 1st one from the second row)
Then I used a kind of Ash Brown to define the outer V part of the eyelid (that is the outer part of the eyelid). Blend inwards. (2nd colour or 3rd pan )
Define your eyebrows with an eyeshadow which is just a couple of shades lighter (if you are dark or olive skinned) or a couple of shades darker (if you are lighter in colour or fair). (I used the dark brown - 1st picture the 3rd colour from the 2nd row)
Highlight under the brows with a light matte eyeshadow. (I used the bottom colour)
Line your upper lash line with dark brown pencil liner (you can do the bottom one too if you like). (I used a kind of ash brown coloured eyeliner pictured in the 2nd picture)
Clear lip balm with SPF.
And you're done!

Certainly you can add blusher and lip colour but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.
Hope you enjoyed it!



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