Monday, October 3, 2011

Some pretty and funky things around

The other day I was at a shopping complex and there was this shop which has all the glittery and pretty and girly stuff that you can imagine. I couldnt take a photo of all the things I saw but some of the stuff really caught my eye. The following photos are pictures of some of the most cool/fun/funky stuff I found in this shop.

 Pretty? I think they are cool and funky although I wouldnt probably were them hehe.
 Silver sparkly sequined heels!

I think I would like to try on a pair of these heels!

Couldnt figure out exactly what the print was. But again it would be a fun pair of heels!

 Now to wellies.....

 I thought this was the prettiest pair (one welly pictured here ) of wellingtons ever! there was one in black but this by far is the cutest!

 One of the gorgeous hair accesories.

Jewellery cases.....

So pretty and chic! But a bit pricey!

 Availabile also in cream colour.
 I think this was also a jewellery case. Not 100% sure though. Pretty in glitter.

 Reminded me of a famous padded Chanel bag. So chic! and elegant! and pretty!

More shoes..

Would wear these pairs. Might be discouraged a bit from the price though hehe.

Those were some of the pretty things I saw this week. Honestly they made me think of the years of pink frills and all the girly things which to be honest sometimes are needed to lift up a bit your life!



  1. Which shop is this and where?!?! IRON FIST <3 <3

  2. aa it is in Baystreet! near FRANKS. :)