Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Limited Space? (for jewellery)

For the past couple of days I was wrecking my brain to organise my jewellery. And I started with my earrings and necklaces... Still have to arrange my bracelets.. but  I will eventuually come up with something.

So, for the necklaces all I did was to open my wardrobe. And on one side of the wardrobe there is a small think rack like to hang the ties or belts. I used it to hang my necklaces. However to make it easier I used what I believe are curtain hangers (although I dont actually know what they are used for. I just assumed haha).

These are what the hangers look like.
 Sorry about the quality.... ( not a great photographer :P) but this is what the end result looks like. You can categorise them according to colour or frequency of usage or in any other way you like.



I am a huge fan of earrings and you rarely see me out without any pair on! From my crazy feather earring to my pearly pins. So, I am not boasting or something like it about how much I have.

Let's start.
You will need:
  • material ( I used a curtain - the kind which looks like a net)
  • clips (I used hair clips but you can use anything)
  • clothes hanger
  • scissors (if necessary)

Step 1.
Divide the 'curtain' in two and put one over the hanger.

Step 2.
You can cut the excess or fold it again on the hanger.

Step 3.
Put clips on the sides making sure to clip all the pieces so that the curtain doesn't fall.


Here, on the right I changed the clips cause I really don't use these that much

This way you can cover all of your favourite earrings so that they don't get covered with dust!

Hope you have enjoyed it and I will think of somthing to do with my bracelets.. eventually !



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