Thursday, November 17, 2011

Avon Lipstick Swatches

Hey pretty girls :) So, as you probably noticed I recently became an Avon Representative! And I have been enjoying it a lot till now. Avon has been round for 125 and I know a lot of women and also men who use Avon products as Avon not only have makeup but also skincare products, shower gels and facial creams, deodorants and perfumes, and also jewellery! Below are some of the colours from the vast lipstick selection they have. I didn't put them according to colour but I put them according to category.

The First set are 3 of the lipsticks from the Colour Trend Kiss and Go lipsticks

Names from left to right: Raisin wine, Vino disco, Sequin Price: 4.15 euros
Offer: Buy 2 and get one free (chosen at random)
Description: Raisin wine is like a terracotta red
                     Vino Disco is like a plum purply red
                     Sequin is like a light nude pink with golden glitter which isnt too much but I find that it makes it a more flattering colour

The Second Set are a set of 6 lipsticks from the Ultra Colour Rich 24K Gold Lipsticks

Names from left to right: Gold, Golden Peach, Golden Rose, Pink Ruby in Gold, Amethyst Gold Price: 10.00 euros
Description: Gold is a very light peachy colour with gold shimmer to it
                     Golden Peach is like a coraly gold with some golden shimmer
                     Golden Rose is a light pink shade with a golden shimmer to it
                     Pink is is more of like a peachy pink with golden shimmer
                     Ruby in Gold is a pinky red colour with golden shimmer
                    Amethyst Red is more of like a darker red with golden shimmer

The 3rd set is a set of 8 lipstick shades for Party Perfection Range

Names from left to right: Never so nude, Mocha madness, Personified Plum, Pink pop, Charged Cherry, Fuchsia fun, Really rosy, Divine Wine.
Price: 6.35 Euros (instead of 9.05 euros, Save 30%)
Description: Never so nude is a very light nude colour which is an excellent colour for daytime                             
                    Mocha madness is another excellent nude with a brownish tint to it   
                     Personified plum is light plum colour with a golden sheen to it
                     Pink pop is a really gorgeous light pink colour which can really be used as a nude colour also
                    Charged cherry is a cherry red lipstick colour
                    Fuchsia fun is a bright pink colour with a golden sheen
                    Really rosy is a light tomato red colour
                    Divine Wine is a purply plum colour

The 4th set is a set of 7 lipcolours from the range Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick

All these lipshades are highly pigmented and offer a moisture that won't dry the lips but keep them hydrated :)

Names from left to right: Lilac shimemr, Red kiss, Nude Perfection, Mocha plum, Rose Ribbon,Fuchsia fever, Smooth Mocha
Price: 10.00 euros
Description: Lilac shimmer is a light purple colour with shimmer in it
                     Red kiss is a matte deep plum red colour
                     Nude perfection is a golden peachy lip colour with little bit of shimmer
                     Plum mocha is a light plum colour with some golden shimmer
                     Rosy Ribbons is a nude pink lipstick colour
                     Fuchsia Fever is a bright pink colour
                     Smooth mocha is a light nude brown lipstick colour

These were some of the colours that Avon have :) Check out the website below for other colours and other products with great offers!!!!

Contact me if you wish to order :) by sending an email on
PS: Samples will be sent with every order! samples of creams and lipsticks or perfumes :)



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