Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Perfect Red Lipstick Colour!

Hello Girls,

I have been looking for a red lipstick colour that I am not scared and frightened to wear and that I can wear comfortably, for ages!
Finally, the wait is over! I found mine at AVON! It is the Color Trend Kiss and Go Lipstick in Rasin Wine. 
Page 57

It is the one below:

I tried to edit a bit the 2nd photo because it was looking really pinkish!!! I really cannot describe the colour but would nude red be appropriate? It is like a red with just a tiny hint of brown. It is a very creamy lipstick. I am really loving it cause it is hard for me to like red! especially the bright red ones which I am not confident in. I think this kind of red will flatter a lot olive skin tones like me. But you can really have other shades of red which suite you and which you feel comfortable in!




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