Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions!!!

Hello everyone!!

A New Year! We are already in 2012 I mean I cannot believe it ! Time IS flying!

I guess it wouldn't be your first time to hear that someone is going to do a couple of Resolutions. I think I do them every year! But this year I'm going to do a resolution ... a special one!

To stick to my resolutions and keep following them!

Yes, that is my number one hahahahah.

A lot might make resolutions about quitting smoking, eating healthy, doing more excercises... Don't take me wrong these are all good!!

But what about, apart from taking care of ourselves health wise we take care of our inner self??

Below are a set of resolutions that I think I am going to write them down somwhere big so that I see them every single moment!

Number 1 is already done!
1. Stick to the resolutions
2. Keep everything in order more often! (yes sometimes I tend to jsut leave everything running around)
3. Be more on time! (mhmmm I have to work hard on this!)
4. Do not procrastinate! (yess I most of the time leave everything till the end! when you have to do something do it now!
5. Try to appreciate life and the others more!
6. Pray more! (I often neglect God!)
7. Work Harder! (academic wise :P )
8. Believe in yourself more!
9. Explore my talent more! (as in practise more the things I love to do! Makeup ofc :P )
10. Couldnt find the number 10!!!

Most probably I will add the number 10 soon! So I will let you know what it is!

Have A Happy New Year!!


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