Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Night Time Routine!

Hello guys :D

This Blog Post is going to be about My Night Time Routine/Things you should do before going to sleep!


The 1st and probably most important thing to do is... TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP!!!

And I know.. you re tired.. after work maybe you work on a night shift and it is the least thing on your mind. (I know I have done it millions of times!) But during the day lots and lots of pollutants and chemicals and other 'dirt' accumulate on your face! Let alone if there is makeup on! which makes it much worse. If you have no makeup on just use your usual cleanser. My currently favourite makeup remove is the one below:

its the Garnier Clean Sensitive one. It is a bi-phase product which means that it has the 'oil' and the water that you have to shake and mix before you use it. It just removes ANY makeup whatever it is even the hardest waterproof makeup! However, it may leave the face a little bit oily kind of so wash your face with water and always Cleanse afterwards!

The Next thing that I do...

I either Cleanse or Exfoliate. As a Cleanser I use the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser, which is for Normal to Combination. As a Exfoliant I love the Exfoliating and Cleansing Facial Gel. This is just the most amazing facial scrub I ever used. It Removes all the makeup residues and it leaves the skin soft and even. However, I do not suggest to use it on a daily basis as it is kind of strong as Natural scrubs tend to be a little bit stronger then Synthetic ones ( the ones whcih usually have blueish green tiny beads in them ). So I kind of alternate, and use the scrub 3-4 times a week.


Is a Mask.. I do this maybe once a week. And I use the Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. What this mask does is that it really purifies the skin and so it removes all the remaining dirt and nourishes the skin. You have to leave a mask for around 10-15 minutes so I usually apply it and head for a shower or something else.

Last 2 things..

An EYE CREAM. I never was abig fan of eyecreams. And it was until recently that I decided to begin to use every day..... I began forgetting as I would enter the bed and then I wouldnt want to go out again! so I placed it near my night stand with arms reach! and it really reduced puffiness and fights the tiredness of the eyes and it also soothes the eye area!

NIGHT Cream. I use the AVON solutions youth minerals night cream. Night Creams are slightly thicker then day creams. The reason behind it is that during the night the body and the skin has the time to kind of regenerate as we are not active at that time. However, night creams shouldnt be very thick! They should be able to hydrate and nourish the skin without making it oily.

I use other brands sometimes like Neutrogena .. but I am just giving examples of what I presonally use.

hope you enjoyed reading :D
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