Sunday, November 11, 2012

Makeup expiration date!

Hello  guys,

Have you ever wondered what this symbol means?

Well, that is actually the number of months until the particular product actually expires. Therefore, in this case it would be 36 months.

I am almost quiet certain that EVERYTHING has an expiry date. Be it perfumes be it food and yes even makeup.

So, should you just go and throw away all the makeup you have? No.

As the most general rule of all... 
if you feel irritation or you are getting pimples or watery eyes or similar signs.. probably its the time to throw away the product even if says 36 months and you have only been using it for less then a year or so.

You should be able to decide when to throw away your make up. Here is how to know when:

- Foundations usually have a life span of around 1 year. This might differ from powder foundations which will probably last a little bit more. Foundations will start to oxidise i.e. turn orangey or become darker on your skin. They can start to change texture as well, like becoming oilier or drier. I find that that is the right time to change your foundation.

- Cream concealers (under eyes  ones) usually have a shorter life span, usually between 6-9 months. Probably because you are actually apply near the eye, which is more sensitive. The same signs as the foundations apply to cream concealers.


- Other eye products such as Liquid eyeliners usually have the same life span. Liquid liners tend to dry out more quickly if you use them often so they might 'expire' before. 

- Powder Eye shadows usually have the longest life span of all the makeup products. The average number of months is 36 (3 years). Now eyeshadows are tricky when it comes to signs of expiration. Eyeshadows might change colours or become brittle and chalky.

- As with all powders, powder blushers have a longer shelf life then cream ones. This ranges from 24 months to 36 months. The same things as those for the eyeshadows apply .


- Mascaras are probably the easiest. When their time is up they start getting clumpy and they can sometimes start to smell as well. They usually last for around 3 months, with water proof versions lasting a little bit longer, around 6 months, because they have a much drier formula.

- Lip products. Their shelf life varies from the type - whether it is a gloss, liptisck or balm- and by brand. As a general rule, when the lipstick starts to smell funny... thats the sign to throw the lipstick away!


Hope that helped :)



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