Sunday, November 25, 2012

My take on gel nails

Hello readers :) 

So I will make it clear in the first place. I do not have anything against nail technicians, I think they are really artistic and talented. But this is just my opinion on Gel extensions.

I cannot stand chipped nails and nails without nail polish, although I usually just wear one colour which is red. So, I decided to try gel extensions (having tried gelish nail polish and acrylic). Obviously, I decided to go with the Red.

Here is a picture:

So, I have to say that the nail technician did a great job. Nails lasted around 3-4 weeks before I thought they needed refills. I didnt actually have false tips applied. She did this paper under nails and put gel on top. Anyways I am very green in these things so  apologies for that.

I loved the nails. I loved just how they looked perfect every day. No chipping. Just perfect. 

I didnt intend to do refills so after a couple of weeks I was searching online how to remove them. I then decided that I let them grow out trimming nails and filing them every now and then. When it was high time to remove them I began to file them and I managed to remove the coloured gel. I was left with the bottom layer of gel.

Then I started to remove them by actually lifting the gel up. Anyways, I managed. However I was left with Dry Ultra thin nails which bent easily! (as you can see below). The nail is actually thinned quiet drastically as the gel is applied, and you can see from the pictures how thin they become.
They are horrible now. Just horrible.

(Pictures taken with my new Canon IXUS 12 HS)

Look  how thin the nail became.

I don't think there is anything that I can do apart from applying layers and layers of hand cream. And keeping nails short so that I dont break them. Cause they are quiet fragile. It is going to take weeks (if not months) for the 'new nail' to grow.

I do not suggest you do false nails unless you plan to do them on a regular basis, usually around 3- 4 weeks, which honestly can add up to quite a lot of money.

Again, I am not saying anything against Nail technicians. I am just saying my experience and opinion. 




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