Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Make Up Store impression and review!

Hey Guys :) 

So yes I was very excited that The Makeup Store was opening in Malta. So, obviously I had to go and check the store out. I only bought 2 things because it is a new brand so I just wanted to try it out.

I wanted a plum coloured blusher and I got this one:

It is slightly more purply because in the photo it looks a bit brighter. So it is like a muted plum colour. Here is the link of the product kiss on the cheek

I also got a lipgloss:
Click Dahlia for the link
The lip gloss name is Dahlia

So, on the whole I am quiet please with the products, there costed me 27.98 euros and I believe they were 13.99 or so each. The only thing that it kind of bugs me is that you get only 2.5g for the blusher, where normally you get 6 grams for that price (obviously depending on the brand). But with the shade that  I got you really need to barely touch the brush with the blusher, it is very pigmented, so maybe it will last a long while and therefore it kind of counteracts the small amount of product issue.

To conclude, you should visit the store :) The staff were wonderful and helpful, and I was offered a VIP card in order to get discount and stuff like that :)

Happy December! 



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