Thursday, December 6, 2012

e.l.f. and essence brow gels review!

Hello everyone,

Today I have a comparison for you. It is about 2 eyebrow products (gels). I was never really a fanatic about eyebrows, but recently I came to realise that they really make a difference. So, I usually fill them in and set them with some eyebrow gel. 
The 2 products that I have are the essence lash and brow gel mascara and the e.l.f. Wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara.

I have to mention that the gel itself will change colour and it will become slightly disgusting. But that is just the buildup of the products that I use to fill my eyebrows with.

Which one is the best? Well I cannot decide for you but I am going to give you my opinion. 
Both products are quiet cheap with the essence one being slightly cheaper since it has more volume.

The e.l.f. wand is slightly thicker than the essence one. This is something that I really like!
e.l.f. one on top and the bottom one is the essence wand
What I really do not like about the essence one is that it really holds up excess gel in the wand, which you want to remove because you would end up with gelled/wet looking eyebrows and frankly it doesn't really look that good.
Another thing is that I find that the e.l.f. one really holds my eyebrows really well! I have quiet thick and full eyebrows, and for this reason I prefer the e.l.f. one. 

I am not saying that the essence one is bad. But I just prefer the e.l.f. one. Unfortunately you have to order e.l.f. online. But what I will do when I do an e.l.f. order is to order 2-3 of them so you would have backups. I suggest that you wait for some good offers from e.l.f. as well :) 

Hope that helped



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