Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Groom your Eyebrows to Perfection

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This blog post goes hand in hand with my video that I uploaded. This video and post is all about Eyebrows.
Eyebrows can often be left out when doing day to day makeup. However, they are such an essential part of the face!

A guide line picture for the eyebrow shaping:

In this video I will show you how to groom your eyebrows to perfection. Check the video:

Here I am going to do a breakdown of the tips I mentioned in the video.

  1. I suggest you visit your beautician and get your eyebrows done at least the first time. It is better if you do them once and do them yourself after.
  2. NEVER EVER pluck your eyebrows in a way to change their shape. There is a risk of them not growing properly.
  3. There is no such thing as UNIVERSAL EYEBROW SHAPE.
  4. Leaving the natural shape of the brows and just removing the hairs that don't fall in the shape is much better.
  5. If you want the shape of the eyebrows to be more kind of edge and slightly slanted, to make a sort of sharper angled brow, apply the pencil/powder on the top part of the brow.
  6. Powders and eyebrow pencils give more of a subtle and soft look. If you want a more defined and sharp brow I suggest using waxy products like tinted brow wax.
  7. You can try and use eyebrow stencils, where you put the stencil over your brows and fill in the brows accordingly.
  8. Perfectly groomed eyebrows frame the shape of your face. 
  9. For dark eyebrows choose a shade or two lighter than the colour of the brow, so for example taupy browns instead of greys. If you have blond hair, chose a shade which is a shade or two darker then the hair colour.
  10. I you wear glasses, filling in the brows will give a much more polished and defined look.
  11. Use a gel to make the brows stay in shape all day!
Ok so that is all :) 

I hope you find the video/blog helpful. Just leave comments if you have any questions



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