Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Benefit Stay Don't Stray (Review + Swatches)

Hello everyone,

I have to say that I don't really leave the house with some form of eyeprimer, if I am wearing eyeshadow that is. And I have oily lids and so I HAVE to apply eyeprimer to make the eyeshadows last longer and without any creasing.

I bought the Benefit Stay don't Stray primer which is suitable for both as eyeshadow primer and concealer primer. 

I really have a weird experience with this product. I bought it around one and a half years ago. And it costed around 29 euros which is quite expensive but Benefit's prices are like so. I bought this when I went to Sicily around 1 and a half years ago. 

Anyways, it goes on quiet like other similar creamy concealer like primers. It is not the best of primers available. It does make the eyeshadow more intense, however eyeshadows still crease on me when I use it.

Having said that it is quite good if you don't have so much oily lids.

However, a weird thing happened to this product. It kind of separated. And I couldn't really bring it back to its usual form.

It kind of separated into the actual product and what seems like a watery liquid. I tried to kind of shake it so that they mix and I also tried to pump out some extra product, but in vain.

I don't know honestly what happened to this product. I think it has expired although I have similar products which are way over their expiry date and they are still perfect. And it is a shame that I am no longer using it, as it is kind of expensive... It is maybe due to the heat and I tried to put it in a fridge, which makes it kind of better, but not so much.

Anyways, if any of you have had this issue and solved it, please let me know!



  1. I have the same issue, I was googling what was wrong with it and found your review. It's been two years since your review but were you able to solve it or did you just throw the product away?
    It started to look cakey since the seperation of the product :/

  2. Hey :) i am sorry I didnt reply earlier. Well in all fairness I tried probably every way to make it work. At one point I even shook it for like a couple of minutes and placed it in the fridge! But it didnt work out :/ and I ended up throwing it away!