Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clarins Eye Contour Balm (Review)

Hello everyone :)

I absolutely love Clarins. It is a bit of a higher end brand, but when it comes to skin care I like to invest a little bit more money.

This is a product which I bought around 4-5 months ago. At first I bought the gel version of it, but returned it because I wanted the balm formula. By any means, I don't mean that the gel is not good, but I tried eye gels and I prefer more the balm texture.

I didn't buy this product because I have fine lines or so. Well, I guess they mean soft wrinkles. I bought this product as I tend to have quite dry and sensitive eye area. It also tends to be irritated. Having said that it IS suitable for all skin types.

The consistency is not very thick but not thin at the same time. It doesn't have a strong fragrance.

I absolutely love this product as it helps a lot to 'calm' the eye area. It really feels nourishing and soothing. It is not by any means, meant to diminish the redness or the dark circles, but it helps to give the essential moisture and hydration that the eye area needs.

I use it in the evenings (although it says to use it both mornings and evenings but in the morning I tend to forget) on my eyelids and under the eye area.

I believe this costs around 27 euros. However, I bought it from the Duty free, so it might be slightly higher from other shops, and you only need a tiny amount so it will last you for ever.

I really love this product and I highly recommend it, and I would definitely repurchase it.

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