Monday, March 11, 2013

MAC eyeshadows Swatches and Review

Hello everyone :) 

I have had the MAC palette for over a year now and I cannot believe I haven't done some sort of review and suggestions of which ones to try.

This palette costed me a fortune and I must say that it is my baby! It was a milestone for me to be able to have a full MAC palette. Unfortunately you cannot get MAC in Malta but there is a site which is from where you can buy certain products from MAC.

Anyways, this is my MAC palette.

Starting from top left: Brule, Grain, All that Glitters, Woodwinked, Goldmine,
Satin Taupe, Mystery, Blackberry, Cranberry, Sketch,
Fig 1., Tilt, Contrast, Print, Carbon

Brule. I had to buy the shade just because I adore the dessert crem brule. This is light mattSoft creamy-beige. It is quite  light for me but it is just perfect for brow highlight.
Grain. It is described as Golden beige with icy shimmer. It is slightly more peachy than Grain and has a soft metallicy finish.

All that Glitters. Beige with Golden pearl. I love this colour for the inner corner of the eye. A perfect colour for people with a lighter skin tone.
Woodwinked. It looks more taupy on the MAC website. It is described as a Warm antiqued Gold. This is my holy grail eyeshadow. I would buy it endlessly.

Goldmine. Described as Intense gold with shimmer . I find that it is a bit brighter than the actual gold colour. It has a nice metallicy finish.
Satin Taupe. This is another holy grail product. I use it quite a lot with Woodwinked.  It is described as Taupe with silver shimmer. 
Mystery. It is described as muted plum brown. I love using this on my brows as I have very dark eyebrows.  It is entirely matte and would make a good colour for a smokey look.
Blackberry. It is described as Muted burgundy-plum brown. It is a matte shade. It will be a very good colour for smokey eyes as well.
Cranberry. It looks more purple on the MAC website though. It is described  as red plum with pink shimmer.  I would say it is more of a reddish pinkish plum. It has a metallicy finish and I love to layer this with darker plums.

Sketch. Described as burgundy with reddish shimmer. Again this is a colour that  I would use with plums for a plum smokey eye.

Fig 1. It is described as eggplant purple and it is certainly a brighter purple which is still wearable. It is a matte shade.
Tilt. This shadow is described as violet with blue-green pearl. I definitely do not call this violet. It is more like a light sky blue colour with a pearly finish to it. This is my least favourite/used eyeshadow.
Contrast. It is described as purplish-blue with blue pearl. It is a gorgeous dark blue colour.
Print. It is described as Muted grey with shimmer. However, the shimmer is barely noticeable. 

Carbon. It is described as Intense black. It is a completely matte colour.

So, my thoughts. I expected certain shades to be more pigmented such as Print and Carbon. Carbon is certainly not the intense black that one expects it to be from the name. I certainly have more pigmented blacks.

The shades that I would definitely recommend is Woodwinked. If you love metallicy golden colours you would fall in love with this shade. I would suggest Satin Taupe as well for a metallic taupe colour. As for plum colours, I would definitely suggest Sketch!

Some shadows are definitely less pigmented than others but they are surely buildable and with a base they would look perfect!

I suggest you look for more pictures online as the swatches can vary from skin tone to another.

Anyways hope you found it helpful,



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