Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Max Factor Fantasy Fire Nail polish

Hello everyone,

I am really loving the range of Max Factor mini nail polishes. They are around 4.70 euros and they are just the perfect size because I often find that the larger bottles really kind of useless. They tend to turn all goopy usually half way through which is a bit of a waste. 

Anyways. This by far has to be the most awesome nail polish I have ever seen!
Oh and it is a dupe for the Clarins 230 nailpolish!

This is Max Factor Fantasy Fire and I have seen this being raved on various beauty blogs.
And I can see why.

I think that it is the prettiest shade I have ever seen!

From what I read I think it might be too sheer to use it on its own. But I had already nail polish on so I tried it on the ring finger (I had Berry Fruit on which is like a dark red)

It kind of picks the nail polish colour that you use underneath. I will do a blog post with different colours!

I thought it was a limited edition but I think it is in their permanent line.



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