Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sally Hansen No More Ridges Nail Shaper and Buffer (Review)

Hello everyone,

I am a bit obsessed when it comes to nails. By any means I am not a nail artist or a nail expert. However, I like nails to be neat and polished, and when the nail polish start to chip I have to remove it, even if I just applied it the day before.

When I am not wearing any nail polish I like to have my nails which are buffed and somewhat shiny.

So, in comes the Nail Buffer.

I have purchased the Sally Hansen No More Ridges Nail Shaper Buffer a couple of months back.

This buffer is one of those 4-way Buffers. Below you can see the steps of the buffer:

I believe it said Smooth something but basically it removes ridges and stains.

This Nail Buffer only costed around 3 euros which is not expensive. It is actually a quite good nail buffer. It smooths ridges (which are those lines and bumps that you see on the nail bed) quite well to provide a nice smooth surface.

What I really love about this nail buffer is that the step 4 which is the Shine for brilliant finish. A beautiful  shine and finish is given to the nails which lasts for more than a week on my nails. It is quite handy as well when you don't feel like applying nail polish.

I absolutely love this nail buffer and I would definitely repurchase it again. (In Malta you can purchase it from Open till Late outlets for sure)

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