Sunday, March 3, 2013

Garnier Clean Sensitive Makeup remover Review

Happy Sunday everyone :)

Waterproof make up can be a pain to remove. I cannot really use normal eyeliners and mascaras as my eyes tend to water and I have quite oily eyelids. Otherwise I would end up with just black eyeliner/mascara under my eyes. 

I find the best way to remove these products is by using a makeup remover which contains a sort of oil in it. One of my favourite ones is the Garnier Clean Sensitive Makeup remover.

These kind of removers usually contain two parts: the oily part and the watery part. You shake the bottle really well until an emulsion forms. Then you just apply it on a normal cotton pad and put it on your eyes (closed ! ) and leave it there for around 20 seconds or so, so as to let the product kind of 'dissolve' the makeup. Then wipe it gently so as to remove the eye makeup.

I prefer using it only for my eyes. I don't know why , but I have a separate makeup remover for the rest of the face.

This product actually works wonders! It really takes the waterproof makeup in just a few swipes without tugging and pulling at your eyes. It is actually a bit of expensive.. around 8 euros I believe, however some shops sell it at a much higher price.

It doesn't have fragrances or so. I was a bit skeptical about the oil part but anyways you should still cleanse your face after you remove your makeup :)

Hope that helps you!


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