Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FAKE MAC Blushes

Hello ladies :)

MAC is a very well known brand and for all makeup lovers its a big shame that it is not available in Malta. But apart from that. Unfortunately, there are a lot of FAKE products that are supposedly 'MAC'. 
When you buy these things from ebay 99.9% of these things are fake.

A while ago a local Facebook page (MACCOSMETICS MALTA) started selling these things. This is not the first time in Malta that local sites started selling these.

I have bought a couple of things just to prove it.

I have a post on eyeshadows. Check it here.

Here is another post on FAKE MAC products. This time its Blushes.

These were slightly more difficult to detect. However, there are some points which although are minor make it evident.
1) Box packaging

The products didnt come in the actual packaging that MAC products come in. The come in cardboard boxes . EVERYTHING comes in one. These didn't have.
2) Front label.

The name on the FAKE one is much more bold than the real one.
Real on the left Fake on the right

3) Packaging

The packaging at first glance is quite flawless. However, some minor points which need a keen eye can be seen. The package of the fake one feels much lighter than the Real one.

The inner package of the lid is somewhat shiner than the original one.

Also, the clip where it closes is different. In the fake one it is smaller.


The lid doesn't close perfectly



4) Price

MAC blushes are sold for around 19 euros depending from where you buy them. I bought this for 9 euros. So....

5) Back Label.

The label is what gave it all away as well. The label is quite a matte black which is not the case for REAL Mac products. Even the colour of the writing is too much white when compared to the greyish white on the real one. Even the font is a little bit different.

Real one on the left Fake one on the right
So, be careful guys....

Hope it helps



  1. Thanks for both of these posts Marija and for buying the products to actually show they are fakes. It's a pity that many people fail to realise that you do not buy a MAC product for half the price!

  2. Hey lar :) it was a pleasure. Because even me I am desperate for MAC, I just wanted to spread the word :) x