Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello ladies :) 

Todays post is a bit of a negative post. MAC is a very well known brand and for all makeup lovers its a big shame that it is not available in Malta. But apart from that. Unfortunately, there are a lot of FAKE products that are supposedly 'MAC'. 
When you buy these things from ebay 99.9% of these things are fake.

A while ago a local Facebook page (MACCOSMETICS MALTA) started selling these things. This is not the first time in Malta that local sites started selling these.

I have bought a couple of things just to prove it.

I will start with the eyeshadows. I dont have MAC eyeshadows in the actual pot. I have the pan ones. But a comparison can still be made.

1) Packaging. The products didnt come in the actual packaging that MAC products come in. The come in cardboard boxes . EVERYTHING comes in one. These didn't have.

The actual plastic packaging was actually quite good and I tried to compare it to real ones on line and its perfect actually! Although the lid didnt fit perfectly.

2) Price. They were being sold for 8 euros. Now if you ever bought MAC these eyeshadows usually cost around 13 euros depending from where you buy them.


The label is what gave it all away. In the picture below you will be able to see one major difference.  The name! Real MAC eyeshadows are actually all capitalised ( as seen by MYSTERY). The fake one had only the first letter capitalised (Glodmire)!

The label is quite a matte black which is not the case for REAL Mac products. Even the colour of the writing is too much white!

Check the video below for a detailed review ! (as  I dont have the actual MAC pots)

The Finish. MAC ALWAYS list the FINISH of the product. Whether it is matte, frost, velvet.....(MAC pans like the one I have are a bit different)

I might add that the actually colour and pigmentation is quite good and a very nice colour..

BUT. IT IS FAKE no matter what!

Hope that helps! and please spread the word!



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