Monday, April 29, 2013

Where to buy what ( Affordable and Good Quality Makeup)

Hello there!

An old friend of mine asked me this the other day:

" I wish to change brands of my makeup and buy everything new
prefer to purchase things online....could you please help me out by telling me which sites are the best ...both in quality and price ...Thanks in advance for your advice :) "
And I was like, 'this is actually a good idea as a blog post!'
So, here they are a list of some of my favourites that I have tried and tested which are all very affordable :) I have been loving online beauty websites and I think they offer a vast range of things which you sometimes don't find in Malta.
I didn't include foundation foundation as personally I love to buy it 'hands on' sort of.
Scroll to the end for all the websites that I purchase makeup from. Certain websites carry the same brands and some products are cheaper on one website then the other so find the cheapest ;)
Face Powder
I have only had this for a couple of weeks but I seriously think it is one of the best powders ever. 
Get it from or It is around 2 euros cheaper than buying it from Malta.
elf blushes were one of my 1st blushes I owned. These are very pigmented and are very affordable!
Get them from

I like to buy eyeshadows in Palettes or trios or quads just because I think they are more worth it like this and you have more variety in one single product.
I love the Wet n Wild ones! They are seriously inexpensive and super pigmented!
Get them here at nonpareilboutique
I live by Maybelline mascaras. I think they are the best around. I adore the Volume Express One by One. It just volumises the lashes perfectly! I dont have one right now and I don't know if it still available but you can get it (or other Maybelline ones) at
I got converted to using gel liners recently and I absolutely love the Maybelline one.

Get it from It is seriously cheaper then buying it from Malta!


I love pencils for defining eyebrows. I don't really have the patience for using eyeshadows.

Get it from

Eyebrow Gel

I love the one from elf however this is currently out of stock but you can get it here.


I am very picky on lipsticks to be honest. I don't quite like to use lipsticks, I prefer tinted lipbalms or lipstains.

I am loving the L'Oreal lipstains. 

Get them from feelunique


I just absolutely love these Real Techniques brushes!!! Get them on iherb

List of websites:

Other brands to try out:

Blushes - Nars
Eyeshadows - Stila. , M.AC.

Hope you found it helpful


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