Saturday, July 27, 2013

TIGI Dry Shampoo

I am sure that you hear of dry shampoo.... If you haven't let me just say what it is. 
It is basically a powder consistency which is in the form of a spray. So, when you spray it and it dry it turns into a powdery consistency. 

Dry shampoo absorbs the excess oil of the 2nd or 3rd day hair, so you won't have to wash your hair everyday.

This product retailed for 15.50 euros which to be honest is quite expensive ... 

I have to say it...

I am not a fan of this product.

I have very sensitive scalp and I cannot put a lot of products on it. This dry shampoo made my scalp itch terribly. It performed well as it absorbed the excess oil and gave the hair volume. But maybe the fragrance is a bit too much.

I don't know. Have you ever tried it?

I don't think I will recommend this product to anyone.....



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