Friday, July 19, 2013

elf Daily Brush Cleanser Review and Picture Demo.

I think most of us know that keeping everywhere clean will help int eliminating germs and all that jazz.

Even the makeup tools that you use. The most brush that carries germs in my opinion is probably the foundation brush.

It is the brush that comes in closest contact with the skin and it comes in contact with the cream/liquid foundation. It is probably one of the brushes which is mostly used.

How often do we clean it?? or brushes in general??

Anyways, here I am reviewing a product which my friend uses and I was intrigued by it. 

Just to show you a before and after pictures of how much this cleanser cleans (haha).

1st clean
2nd clean
After. Ok so it is not 100% clean but most of it is gone :)

I use this brush cleanser every time after I use my brushes especially my Real techniques Buffing Brush.
So I just spray on the brushes and then just work the brush on a piece of paper towel until all the product is removed.

It has kind of a strong alcohol smell however it disappears after some time.

However, please keep in mind that once or twice a month you need to deep clean your brushes depending on how regularly you use your brushes.

I will definately repurchase this product again :)

hope you found this review helpful




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