Wednesday, September 4, 2013

MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review

When I went to London for IMATS in June (which I am desperately to go again and I am missing London a lot!) I obviously had to visit MAC. I mean who goes to London and is a makeup and beauty fanatic and doesnt go to MAC? Not me!

Side note- you can see what  I bought here:

I struggle with makeup removers. Especially with waterproof ones. I use water proof mascaras although the one I am using which is the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express mascara is not a waterproof one, I sometimes swear at trying to remove it.

So, I decided to try the MAC Cleanse of Oil. I think there is one for sensitive skin however, I use the normal one.

Oil. This is a word that is scary to a lot of people. However, if this product is used right it should not be a problem.

Just one pump is enough for one eye. I mainly use this to remove my eye makeup. I just use a separate cleanser and makeup remover for the rest of the face.

I like to let the cotton pad with the oil gently pressed on the closed eye so as to melt the eye makeup. Then I like to gently and slowly (no tugging or pulling!!!!) I begin to move the cotton pad in circular motions. I keep doing this until all of the mascara is dissolved.

Now. You will end up with a big black eye of dissolved mascara and eyeliner (especially black!). The most important is that the mascara is removed.

When all my eye makeup is 'gone' I move to my face makeup remover or a makeup remover wipe and take of the rest of my face makeup and then I turn to remove the 'black eye'.

Last but not least I use my daily cleanser and followed by scrub or whatever I am using after wards.

Bottom line. This product is a lifesaver for me and although I cannot buy MAC in Malta I am determined to get it in one way or another!



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