Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How I beat frustration and How I work Out

I have to admit it. I get frustrated easily. No one was born a genius except maybe Einstein... or Mozart. I certainly wasn't and a big part of me pretends to be good at everything. Oh well and of course I am not! But that is just me. 

So, this is where frustration comes along. I do not give up easily and if I don't succeed in the first time I'll keep trying. Ok and I may huffle and puffle along the way. Who doesn't?

Anyway. I have tried various methods to calm my frustration and believe it or not the  best I found is exercising. I have never been a fan of the gym. Having said that, I did a couple of subscriptions but I would go only a couple of times and then get bored and give up.

In June I had my finals and the level of frustration was at its maximum. I was surfing Youtube (yeah instead of studying ) and I found this Lady called Pavla and her channel is Perfect Lean Body. Check one of her vids below.
I fell in love with her at once. Well she has an amazing body for sure but that didn't make me envious or discouraged in some way. I know I probably won't ever have her body but that is not the point.

She is one of the sweetest persons ever. The motivation she gives is huge! So, she does these workouts with varying intensities and she also gives modifications with some difficult exercises. And she doesn't use any difficult or big or crazy equipment, just some weights, jump rope, a chair or table and some others. And most important is that you can do everything at home! At least I do mine at home.

Some of the workouts are not easy I tell you, but you can always try something easier. I have to say that sometimes I do not workout as in she does everyday workouts but either due to work or what not  sometimes I don't get the chance. I love to work out in the morning the first thing as I would feel energised throughout the whole day. I do also a workout when the levels of frustration tend to pile up.

Something about this lady which gives me motivation  and courage to continue working out. And you honestly will feel tired but good at the same time. I somehow feel kind of calmer and my thoughts sorted and my mind cleared.

Give the channel a try! You will love her as well!

BTW I wasn't paid or what so ever to do this video. This is just something that I wanted to share with you all as it helped me and it might help you!




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