Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish spray Review

I am always looking for longlasting makeup and I have several products which for me make my makeup last last longer. Check my favourite long lasting products video below.

Last June as you may probably know Martina from all things fabulous, marija from all things lady and me went to London for IMATS. I had various things on my wishlist and one of them has been the very famous and much raved about Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish spray. 

I believe this was around 18 pounds which is not that cheap considering it is a makeup setting spray but anyways.

I have read about some tips on how to use properly these setting sprays and I remember watching a video on Youtube and I remember I think it was Miss Glamorazzi. Not sure if it was her. She mentioned that the best way to get the out most of the setting properties is to spray before and after applying makeup. 

I like to apply the spray with my EYES CLOSED!! in a T shape and kind of X shape. So, a spray from the forhead to the chin, one across the forehead, across the eyes for the eyeshadow and then and X shape spray all over the face. You can certainly spray only on certain areas which tend to get oiler.

I apply it after moisturiser and after finishing my makeup. 

I seriously love this product. It is amazing because it makes my makeup last seriously all day! Shine free! Well I get a little bit of sweat if you consider that as shine. But no oily-shine if you know what I mean hahah. 
It has a pleasent fragrance to it as well.

Just be careful to let your mascara to be fully dry because you will smudge your mascara when closing your eyes! Oh and make sure to leave the spray dry after applying your makeup because your face will be a bit shiny.



  1. Where did you find this in London?