Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pupa Princess Collection

Hello ladies (and maybe gents?!),

Last week I was invited (along with some of my gorgeous bloggers) to a small event organised by Pupa. It was about the introduction of their new range which is called the Princess range. You will see why the name in a moment (in the photos below). The colours scream pretty, girly and princessy things. Although I am not a huge fan of pink I got really excited about the colours and packaging and everything.

The lovely Stephanie from Medimports made sure that we weren't left hungry or anything.

We were given a very in depth chit chat about the brand and its philosophy and some of its history as well. We got really excited then when we were given the products from the new collection to try and for our selves. Yes, we were like kids. That is what makeup does to us. I am hopeless I know.

So, about the collection itself.

image taken from pupa milano blog

image taken from pupa milano blog

We were given the opportunity to take some of the products at home with us which was quite generous of them! Below find what I got:

So, below I am putting the information we got or better the press release of the range.

"Let romance overcome you and become a modern princess, with a sweet, soft and chic look.
The limited edition PUPA PRINCESS PUPART will give your eye make-up
an infinite combination of natural colors.
will enhance the eyes with a unique dazzling look.
PUPA PRINCESS DIAMOND EYELINER is the ideal product to create
an amazingly luminous full-on look.
PUPA PRINCESS VAMP! MASCARA, in a sophisticated new shade completes the eye make-up.
Lips are natural and chic with 4 shades of a lacquer-like finish lipstick
Give your face the princess look with PUPA PRINCESS LOOSE POWDER.
4 new LASTING COLOR complete the perfect princess make-up.
To give a touch of romance to your look there’s the amazing tridimensional nail art
for velvet-like nails with PUPA PRINCESS FLUFFY VELVET"

I will give my full review when I have tested the products which I have. In the meantime check their website here or their facebook page here for more information and for swatches.

Apart from the usual makeup which we are more accustomed to there are also products which are more interesting.
These are the Nail Art Kit which is locally sold in shades 001 002 004 006 and the Glittering Body Tatoo Kit which is available in Fucshia & Rose Gold and  Turquoise & Silver . 

Nail Art Kit image taken from pupa milan blog

Glittering Body Tattoo Kit
image taken from pupa milan blog
We also took a look at the PUPA beauty kits which you can find more information here and which actually make a very nice present for someone. They are small kits which have a vintage vibe to them with body products such as body milks and have fragrances which smell like candy and sweet scents like vanilla.

image taken from here

We also took a look at the famous Dolls which PUPA are so renowned for!

Last but not least we were introduced to the brand new brand called Planter's which is based on Aloe Vera. It is still a new company so make sure to check their facebook page here.

I strongly suggest you visit your local store where PUPA is sold and to check out the new Princess range which I can guarantee that you will fall in love with!

Have you tried some of the products yet? Let me know below!



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