Sunday, January 12, 2014

Makeup Store Lipgloss in Dahlia Review + Swatch

I have always mentioned that I am not the biggest lipstick fan, or rather I am quite picky on the formula and shade and everything that concerns a lipstick. When I am not sure about a lipstick I tend to look at the lipglosses and I consider myself to be a lipgloss or a lipbalm gal rather then a lipstick gal. 

Last year Makeup Store opened in Malta in The Point in Sliema and as the makeup addict that I am I had to visit the shop. I limited my self to 2 products a blusher and a lipgloss. I will be reviewing the blusher later on.

When I am looking for a lip colour I tend to go for those which are more natural. 

The shade I chose is Dahlia and it is a very natural almost sheer pink colour with a very subtle gold sheen.

I love to use it on its own because it gives a slight colour to the lips and it makes the lips look much better. The golden sheen which is not that apparent, gives the lips a somewhat 3D effect. I do not know how to describe it but it really is suitable for every skin tone and I think a shade like this is a must have for every girl whether a red lip kind of gal or just a lip balm type of gal. 

This shade looks perfect on every lipstick shade and it gives the colour a somewhat softer and glossier finish to the lips without interfering with the colour. 
It is not sticky and it sits comfortably on the lips. It does not dry the lips, and I cannot say that it is one of those extreme wear lip product. But there again, I think a lot of lipstick are meant to be like that.

Bottom line: A definite must have shade!

Have you tried it yet?