Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish Review

I have been meaning to do a review on this for months. I actually bought this product last winter and at first I wasn't sure whether Body Shop would have it this year again. 

But they did! And I think they come out with this range every winter. So, you might still find it around.

This is one of my favourite body scrub/wash type of product. Why? 
Because it is both a scrub and a shower gel at the same time. It has granules which aren't very harsh but which are harsh enough to remove the dead skin cells which I tend to have quite a lot on my legs.
Now you might say but aren't the legs drier this way?
With this one no. Because it contains honey in it and it makes the legs (and rest of the body) as smooth as ever! In fact the skin feels nourished and soft.

I went through this product very quickly and I strongly suggest checking it out. It seriously avoids the hassle of first scrubbing the skin and then using a shower gel after wards.

Oh did I mention the smell?

It is divine without being too strong.

I love to use it with one of the body butters which Body Shop are renowned for.




  1. I have the body butter and the smell is truly divine. Good to know that it's a yearly collection and not limited edition :)
    Good day!

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    1. it is :D I am actually going to post the body butter review soon :) BTW are you Maltese?