Saturday, January 25, 2014

Theos Imdina Restaurant Review

I am in no way a restaurant connoisseur, so this post is just meant to give you an idea about my (our) general experience of the restaurant. 

For those of you who are not from Malta, this week we've been having a lot of rough winds and let's just say that it wasn't the perfect day to visit Imdina which is where the restaurant is located. Imdina is basically a very old fortified city which is situated on a hill. Therefore you can imagine how cold and windy it was. And just to add I am not a big fan of Imdina by night because it gives me the creeps as streets are very narrow and imagine the roads lit up just by street lanterns. Anyways, it is still a place one should visit when in Malta.

So, The restaurant. Below is the description offered by Theos:

"Theos serves freshly cooked local fare for lunch and a Mediterranean feast based upon Greek, Ottoman and Calabrian dishes for dinner. 

Housed inside the historical Carmelite Priory in Malta’s old capital city of Mdina, Theos takes its name from the Greek word for God. Run by the team behind Sharma, the Indian restaurant, also in Mdina, which received rave reviews since opening its doors, the idea behind Theos is serving typical dishes, using fresh, seasonal produce from the region. 

During the day, our lunch is lovingly prepared and cooked in the local tradition, just as in Maltese homes. 

In the evening, we turn the tables towards the greater Mediterranean sea out there, tingling taste buds with our forays into the closely linked Greek, Ottoman and Calabrian kitchens, three legendary cuisines, honed through the ages and united by the sea."

We (my boyfriend and I) were greeted and shown to a warm and cozy nook. You can get an idea from the photos below. I thought that this spot was actually a very romantic place for a dinner for 2.

The lamp which we both wanted to steal hahaha
We ordered from the Set Menu (which can be viewed here ) and we decided to order different plates so that we could share. The food arrived surprisingly quickly and we were first given the dips which where served with warm bread. Just a few moment after we were served our starters and it is a brilliant concept trying different flavours from different countries mainly Turkey and Greece. The main course was simply divine with the food being served with scrumptious bread and deep fried potatoes along with some delicious dips.
Every dish was well seasoned with various herbs and spices which I think offered a great experience with regards to Greek, Ottoman and Calabrian cultures. Last but not least we had our desert which was quite flavourful. 

Prices are very reasonable without being overpriced and made the whole experience worth it!

Below are some pictures of the food that we ordered. Please keep in mind that probably I didn't use the correct words to describe the amazing and delicious food that we had. So, I heartily recommend visiting the restaurant. We will surely visit again. 

Dip 1 -Melitzanosalata (Baked eggplant, garlic, red pepper pickle and
 Greek feta- cheese blended into a dip - Greece)

Dip 2 - Fava (Beans, onions and garlic blended with lemon juice - Turkey)

Appetiser 1 - Kolokythokeftedes (Fried Zucchini dumplings served with yoghurt sauce - Greece)

Appetiser 2 - Briam (Layers of eggplants, zucchinis, peppers, potatoes, onions, feta cheese topped with garlic, parsley, basilico and dates baked in the oven - Greece, Turkey)

Main course 1 - Gyros (Fine slices of vertical grilled pork neck served traditionally with onions, grilledtomatoes, Tzatziki dip, fried potatoes and pita bread - Greece/ Turkey)

Main Course 2 - Tavuk Sis Kebab (Marinated Chicken skewers served with peanut dip, grilled peppersand tomatoes - Turkey)

 Side - Deep fried chopped potatoes

Dessert 1 - Crostata alla Créma di Limone (Calabrian baked tart topped with lemon crème, raspberry comfiture and white chocolate garnish - Calabria)

Dessert 2 - Halvasi (Butter cake of semolina, raisins, almonds, served with a bigscoop of vanilla ice-cream and pomegranate syrup - Turkey)

Hope I have given you an idea of this truly unique restaurant. Make sure you visit their Facbook page here
for more photos of the delicious dishes they offer! Leave a comment below and tell me your opinion if you have visited the restaurant!




  1. I must try this out, I heard about it an ive been wanting to go!

    I love that you are reviewing restaurants. I thought about it so many times (we tend to eat out alot, and love trying new foods) some times I might take a pic here and there but I feel a little shy to do it for every course especially in a busy place... Steph x

    1. You definitely should! well to be honest I felt the same. In my case it was a quite night so I felt a bit awkward :P but whatever haha! if someone tells me to stop then I'll stop !