Friday, January 24, 2014

Pupa Vamp Mascara Review (Rave!)

I have short and straight lashes and I envy those girls with nice long and curly lashes. I cannot simply just apply a normal mascara and go. My lashes would simply stay the same.

I have to use Eyelash Curlers most of the times.

I've been hearing about the famous Pupa mascara Vamp for ages and ages. And a month or so ago I got the opportunity to try this out and I have to say I was mind blown! PS. the following photos represent only a sample version of the actual mascara.

As you can see it is a natural bristle type of wand. Not the plastic ones which I detest with all my heart.
So A++ for that.

The mascara retails for 13.95 euros which I think it is an OK price. I don't mind paying the extra pound for a product which really works.

The colour is a very deep rich black and so full points there as well.

The first photo below is without any mascara and the one below it is with the PUPA Vamp mascara. (PS dont mind my brows haha )

It may not seem much to you but to me that is a hell lot of volume with only one coat! Other coats can be applied to further increase the volume.

It really stays put on the lashes although I have to add that it is not waterproof. And to be honest it isnt advertised as being waterproof. What I meant is that you know that some mascaras dry and kind of leave certain flecks under the eyes. This doesn't do that. And what is great is that it doesn't weigh the lashes down.

I will definitely repurchase this mascara!

What do you think about it ? Have you ever tried it?
For more information check their website here and their Facebook page here.